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Kitchen Pantry

Keep It Simple: 16 Essential Kitchen Pantry Items

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While your apartment may not have a spacious kitchen, you can still find room for a stash of essential pantry items. read more

Homemade Hummus

Save Money by Making These 6 Foods At Home

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I go full foodie in the summertime. Gardens are growing, farmers markets are teeming with fresh goodies, and family cookouts are running late into the evenings. Unfortunately, my love for food can sometimes overstretch my budget. read more

3 Tips for Preparing Square Foot Gardening Soil

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One big advantage of using square foot gardening soil is that your plants get the nourishment they need, because the ground is fertile. Because the space is not walked on, the soil is never compacted. Square foot gardens are ideal for small spaces because you don’t need to plant in rows, but instead use the […] read more

How to Make a Natural Stain Remover

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It’s easy to make a natural stain remover by using ingredients commonly available in most homes. Such stain removers are non-toxic, contain no harmful chemicals. They’re easy on the pocket and equally easy to prepare. Step 1. Gather Your Ingredients Keep the ingredients that you will require to make the stain remover near at hand. […] read more