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Clean home office space equipped with all the necessary tools and tech.

Our Favorite Home Office Accessories for Upping Your WFH Game

Working from home doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. For every workplace that’s returned to the office post-COVID, there are a handful of others that continue to incorporate WFH or a hybrid remote/in-person work schedule into their everyday office culture. And even though many of us have been working from home for almost […] read more

Woman working in her home office, surrounded by organized tech.

Cords, Chargers, and Adaptors Galore: 4 Tips for Tidying Up Your Tech

It’s always a challenge to minimize clutter in an apartment. read more

Woman working productively and happily from the comfort of her own home.

Ditch These Outdated Work from Home Trends — and Try These Instead

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With more and more people working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, home offices everywhere are being reimagined and redecorated to create more comfortable at-home workspaces. read more

Young woman is focused and organized despite having to work from home all the time.

Maintaining a Normal Schedule When Working From Home

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The coronavirus pandemic has confined millions of workers to their homes. When the stay-at-home orders first broke, many relished the idea of working remotely, avoiding commutes, dressing super casually, and enjoying the creature comforts of home. read more

Home Office

The Ideal Home Office

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Whether you work from home full-time or you just like to catch up on a few e-mails after you’re home from the office, it’s good to have a dedicated work space in your apartment. But if you’re short on room or don’t have a second bedroom to convert into an office, where should you put […] read more

3 Tips for Home Office Organization

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Home office organization is the key to successfully working at home. Whether you work full-time from your office or just use it now and then to complete paperwork or pay bills, an organized space will make it easier to use, reducing the amount of time you must spend there. Keep your office organized by separating […] read more