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Mold can cause illness and is therefore a serious health violation when present in apartment buildings.

Health Code Violations: Is Your Landlord Breaking the Law?

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The apartment you end up in might not be the one of your dreams (subway tile in the kitchen, a large soaking tub, and unobstructed views of the city), but at the very least you can expect it to be clean and safe. Your landlord is responsible for keeping every rental property they own in […] read more

4 Types of Hazardous Materials Moving Companies Will Not Move

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Moving companies will not move hazardous materials that are flammable or explosive. They don’t want to risk a fire or explosion during transit. This protects their movers, their assets (the moving truck and equipment), other people’s property (when the truck is moving multiple households) and your property. Federal laws prohibit them from moving hazardous materials […] read more