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Year Round Apartment Gardening

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I’m sitting at home and dreaming of a fresh spinach salad with juicy cherry tomatoes. Or maybe some sweet ripe strawberries. Then I look outside and remember it’s snowing. The freshest berries or tomatoes I’ll find have been flown in from Mexico and just don’t quite hit the spot. I love fresh foods. The zing […] read more

How to Choose the Right Gardening Soil

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Gardening soil is a major factor in how well you can expect a garden to turn out. There are many types of gardening soils out there to choose from that may make it confusing to figure which type is the best choice for your garden. Consider what type of soil is in the garden area […] read more

Indoor Gardening Advice for Beginners

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There is a multitude of gardening advice in bookstores and online, but very little of it will be helpful to a beginner that plans on gardening indoors. While gardening is a relaxing, fun and productive hobby, learning indoor gardening basics can be quite difficult. Below is some indoor gardening advice for beginners. Do Your Research […] read more