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A combination refrigerator/freezer in an average apartment unit.

Space-Saving Tips For Apartment Refrigerator/Freezer Combos

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Since most apartments don’t have the space or appropriate hookups for freestanding freezers, renters are usually forced to make the most of the space available to them in a refrigerator/freezer combo. read more

A pristine stainless steel refrigerator sits in a clean kitchen, with its upper door open to reveal a plethora of food.

Chill Out: Finding Great Deals on Cheap Refrigerators

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Frozen eggs, warm beer, wilted greens, curdled milk: all these are signs it’s time for a new refrigerator. An essential major appliance, refrigerators come in various styles and sizes to meet both individual and family needs — and the best part is that finding one that fits your aesthetic and budget is as easy as […] read more

Apartment Kitchenettes: How to Maximize Refrigerator Space

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Kitchenettes are often a must in a small apartment, but the main drawback of a small cooking space is small storage space. You may not be able to fit a very large refrigerator in your kitchenette, so it’s important that you learn the best way to make efficient use of the space you do have […] read more