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Woman empties food scraps into a small indoor composting bin.

Beginner’s Guide to Apartment Composting

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Americans generate approximately 40 million tons of food waste each year — most of which gets thrown into landfills. And since there are about 2600 of those already the country, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden estimates that the average household throws away two pounds of organic waste each day. read more

How to Build an Indoor Compost Container

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Depending on the space available in your kitchen and your personal needs, you can build an indoor compost container and make use of your organic waste. An indoor composting bin is an ideal way to go green, as the organic waste of your household can be used to produce rich compost that can help provide […] read more

The Pros and Cons of Home Composting in Your Apartment

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When it comes to composting, apartment dwellers have some opportunities for turning their household waste into useful organic material. With all of the attention around sustainable practices and ecology these days, composting is something that many are considering, even in an urban setting. Here are some of the main pros and cons of deciding to […] read more