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Two female roommates sitting on a couch and looking very displeased with one another.

The 3 Worst Things About Living with a Roommate

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They say that nothing is certain in this world but death and taxes. When you get your first apartment, however, there’s actually one more certainty: living with a roommate. read more

Roommates Doing Chores

How to Evenly Split Chores with Your Roommates

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Living alone certainly has its perks — watching anything you like on Netflix, the ability to keep food that only you love in the fridge, and being as loud as you like at any time of the day, to name a few — but one of its main drawbacks is the fact that all the […] read more

5 Tips for Efficient Ironing

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Ironing wrinkles and creases in your clothing is a necessary part of doing laundry. Unfortunately, the chore is often frustrating and time-consuming. However, there are several different ways you can reduce the amount of time the task will take. 1. Lie Clothes Flat After Washing Believe it or not, the majority of wrinkles you will […] read more