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Balcony Garden: 4 Accessories for Your Sanctuary

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A balcony garden can be your own sanctuary in the great outdoors. While it may be limited on space and lacking in the room a backyard offers, it can be an even cooler amenity, depending on the accessories you use, how you decorate and what you grow. 1. Tea Table First, you want to decide […] read more

Making Square Foot Gardening in Your Balcony a Reality

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Square foot gardening is a new and innovative way to set up a small garden for optimal use of soil,  space, light and water. As such, it’s a great solution for those who have small home spaces that they want to use for “postage stamp” gardens that will nevertheless provide them with a good amount […] read more

Topsy-Turvy Apartment: The Decorative Appeal of an Upside Down Garden

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An upside down garden is an ingenious way to make gardening in the confines of a small apartment space not only possible, but attractive as well. Gardening upside down takes only a little extra planning, but isn’t especially difficult. What Kind of Garden is Upside Down An upside down garden is just that—a garden that […] read more

How to Create a Small Vegetable Garden on Your Balcony

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More and more people are finding that growing a small vegetable garden can save money and provide food that is safe to eat. Using natural pesticides instead of dangerous toxins ensures a crop of food that is healthy and tasty. If you don’t have room to grow a garden in a backyard, patios and balconies […] read more