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On-screen Apartments and How Much They Really Cost

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The living spaces in TV and movies are sometimes just as memorable as the characters that live in them. But if you were searching for your very own Carrie Bradshaw or Monica Gellar apartment, how much would it realistically cost you each month? read more

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Finding Apartments: Guide to Handicap-Friendly Features

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All too often, when you read a guide to apartments, it doesn’t address handicap-friendly features. If you, your spouse or a child has a handicap, that’s your primary concern. A regular apartment won’t have the space, equipment or accessibility that you need to accomplish routine tasks and get through the day. When you conduct an […] read more

Why Do Apartments in the Same Complex Have Different Prices?

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When apartment hunting, finding that different apartments in a complex have sometimes radically different prices can be puzzling. You won’t understand exactly why some apartments cost more than others despite being in the same location until you look at the different features. Apartment Size Perhaps the most obvious reason why different apartments in a complex […] read more