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Rental Laws: 3 Types of Landlord Fraud

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Rental laws protect tenants from many types of landlord fraud. Unfortunately, there are some landlords who make more money scamming tenants than renting apartments. Knowing what to look for can help you avoid trouble and recover any money you lose. 1. Security Deposit The bulk of the complaints from tenants in the area of landlord […] read more

Renting in San Diego: 5 Laws You Should Know

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Renting in San Diego, California, comes with its own set of landlord tenant laws. These laws are important for anyone making the move to or currently renting in San Diego to know. 1. Term Lease Agreements for More than One Year Cannot Be Oral In San Diego, if you are negotiating or getting involved with […] read more

Renting in Denver: 4 Laws You Should Know

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If you are new to renting in Denver, whether you have relocated or are new to the rental market, it is important to familiarize yourself with local landlord tenant law. If you don’t know the local laws, then you don’t know your tenant rights. This knowledge is critical before negotiating or signing any lease agreement. […] read more

Renting in Austin: 4 Laws You Should Know

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If you are renting in Austin, Texas, whether it be an apartment or a house, it is important to be aware of your tenant rights in case an issue ever arises. Not every state is the same, and not every city is either in their landlord tenant regulations and laws. 1. Right of Entry in […] read more

Is There a Penalty for Not Giving 30-Day Notice?

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For virtually every leasing contract, you will be required to provide a 30 day notice to your landlord, notifying them of your intent to move out. Without proper notification, you may be placing yourself and all other residents on your lease in jeopardy of costly penalties or fees. The Purpose of a 30 Day Notice […] read more

Renting in Atlanta: 3 Laws You Should Know

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Wherever you find yourself a renter, it is important that you be read of on local landlord tenant law in order to protect yourself and your rights. When renting in Atlanta, it is consequently important that you know the Atlanta landlord tenant laws, especially the ones laid out here. 1. There Is No Lease Cancellation […] read more

Renting in Chicago: 3 Laws You Should Know

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When renting in Chicago, or any city for that matter, you should familiarize yourself with the local landlord tenant law. You should know your tenant rights. Here are some must know laws when living in Chicago under a residential lease agreement. 1. There Is No Rent Control in Chicago Historically, Chicago used to have rent […] read more

First and Last Month’s Rent: Security Deposits Explained

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You have found the perfect apartment or house to rent and are ready to sign the lease agreement. Before you do, make sure you carefully read it over, especially the section relating to the required security deposit. It is important for you to be aware of the landlord tenant act in your state, so that […] read more

How to Find My City’s Rent Control Laws

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Only a handful of states in the entire United States (including New York, New Jersey, California and Maryland) have rent control laws. None of them has statewide laws. Instead, cities within these states pass their own rent control laws. State laws affect city rent control ordinances (also called rent stabilization or maximum rent regulation), so […] read more