Winter Gardening Techniques

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Gardening doesn’t have to stop in the winter time, and implementing some winter gardening techniques helps with gardening year round. Even if you live in an area where it gets extremely cold, you can take advantage of winter gardening in containers. At the very least, you can use winter gardening techniques to prepare your garden for the spring.


Protect your garden during winter months by mulching. This gardening technique keeps the nutrients in the soil. When you expose the soil to the cold weather, it breaks down the soil and your gardening in the Spring won’t be as effective. Mulching is also used by professional gardeners to protect roots, which is important for winter plants to grow. Wood chips are popular to use for mulching. Wood barks that are shredded are another option.


Cover your garden with an organic herbicide late winter to prevent weeds. You might be wondering how using an herbicide in the wintertime is an effective gardening technique, since it’s too cold for weeds to grow yet. When it comes to controlling weeds, it’s important to be proactive and not reactive. Using a herbicide now will help stop the growth from the seed stage, so weeds don’t get the chance to grow at all. When you wait for weeds to grow, it’s harder to control.

Growing Indoors

Renters don’t have access to a greenhouse at the apartment. However, you can grow plants indoors during the winter months with excellent results. Buy compact grow lights to give your plants enough light to grow. Place them near windows for them to get as much sunlight as possible, and keep them away from the door where they’ll get exposed to drafts. You can grow flowers, herbs, vegetables and more in containers. When it warms up outside, transfer the plants outdoors or keep them inside.

Melting Salt

One mistake that destroys plants is throwing salt on them. It’s often a innocent mistake. For example, your landlord hires someone to shovel the walkway and the worker throws salt on it for safety reasons. As they continue to shovel, they throw some of that salt and snow over the garden that’s covered in snow without realizing it. Unfortunately, the chemicals used in the salt mixes with the plants, and destroys it. The best thing to do when covering your garden under snow is to clearly mark it, and plant your garden out of the way, accounting for this scenario.

Clean Beds

Avoid an ongoing battle with plant and soil diseases by cleaning up your garden beds in the winter. Get rid of all debris in the beds, so that it doesn’t attract more pests in the Spring. Too much debris can also bring about diseases, especially if some of the plants in your vegetable beds showed evidence of being diseased.

Utilize the winter months to improve on your gardening techniques. Read books, take classes or listen to radio shows on gardening. The more you know about gardening, the more success you’ll have.

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