Why a Message Board Is Great with Roommates

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Message Board

When you have roommates, you will undoubtedly see each other and talk on a regular basis. Even if you don’t, there are a number of ways to connect with your roommate these days, be it through text message, social media, email or even phone calls if they don’t happen to be at the apartment. However, despite the ample amounts of communication and the fact that they live one wall away from you in many cases, bits of communication will still get lost—or never happen. Things like “buy more paper towels;” or things like “pay cable bill;” or things like “wanna go to this party?” Even people who live together as roommates are often incredibly busy and live separate lives—which is why a message board in the apartment, be it on the refrigerator or the wall of the kitchen or in a hallway—is an excellent idea. Below are some examples as to how a message board can be used for everyone’s benefit and form a tighter bond between roommates, as well as clarifying any important information that could otherwise be lost or forgotten.

Important Messages without Being Annoying

If people in the apartment often forget to pay their share of bills, but always end up paying, the message board in the apartment is a great way to remind them of this without being obnoxious or aggressive. Simply write the total amount of the bill and what each roommates share of the bill will be. This will sit on the message board until the bill is paid, gently reminding everyone to pay up, without conveying this message through email or text message, which will often quickly be forgotten due to other emails and texts rolling in on their phones and inboxes.

Inside Jokes, Slogans and Personality Between Roommates

This message board in the apartment is really a sort of personal forum for roommates and no one else. Drawings, funny sayings and quotes from nights spent together and various other non-sequitors can make the message board a place that roommates can share something on together, reminding them of the good times you have in this living situation. It also adds a certain personality to the apartment itself, not just for you but also for whoever comes over and visits and sees the funny, creative and fun loving nature of the apartment via the message board.

A Live Calendar

Despite calendars being in people’s phones and computers, things will still slip through the cracks, especially between roommates who have their own lives. This is where a message board comes in very handy, as big events or trips can be posted on this message board to permanently remind the roommate of where the other one will be, small parties or events that may be happening at the apartment or things they may have planned to do together. While these will also be entered into smart phones or email calendars, having an event or date written on a message board will be a constant reminder for a roommate so it definitely won’t be forgotten.

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