Who’s Liable for Bedbug Infestations and Bacteria–You or Your Landlord?

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Landlord-tenant laws for bedbug infestations vary from state to state, but in many cases, bedbug infestations can be an issue of landlord liability. Landlords are often, but not always, responsible for correcting bedbug problems in their apartments, especially if the space becomes uninhabitable. Not all states have experienced bedbug infestations, so laws in some states may not be comprehensive. If your state laws do not explicitly state who’s liable for bedbugs, check what other related rules affirm. Regardless of your state, when it comes to bedbug infestations and liability, here are the main factors to consider:


Landlord-tenant laws in every state say that landlords must maintain “habitable” properties for tenants. If there’s no running water or if the heat shuts off in the winter, it is the landlord’s responsibility to fix it, and usually quickly. Every state that has dealt with bedbugs infestations has ruled the problem a habitability issue. Bedbug bites can be incredibly itchy and uncomfortable; tenants should not be expected to live with such a constant irritation.

Bacteria Research

Doctors recently found evidence that bedbugs in poor inner city areas may carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria. An unusual number of staph infections have been discovered in recent times and doctors believe that bedbugs may be carriers of the disease. Attorneys are watching this issue closely because of the landlord liability component. Suing a landlord essentially for bug bites hasn’t proved to be very profitable, but if a direct link between bedbugs and staph infections is established, landlords that refuse to deal with bedbug infestations in a timely fashion could make themselves open to large liability lawsuits.

State Law Variations

Your best bet if you’re dealing with a bedbug infestation is to read your lease carefully and research the landlord-tenant laws for your state. For example, a tenant in Rhode Island is responsible for getting rid of bedbugs if their apartment is the only one in the building with an infestation. It becomes the landlord’s responsibility in Rhode Island if more than one apartment in the building has bedbugs. In other states, the size of the building can determine whether it’s the landlord’s responsibility. In other states, renters of smaller dwellings, such as duplexes, might be responsible for getting rid of the bedbugs themselves.

Tenant Options

If a landlord doesn’t deal with a bedbug infestation that covers multiple apartments, tenants have the right to break their lease and move without paying a penalty (Arkansas is the only exception). In some states, you can refuse to pay your rent until the issue is dealt with, but if a landlord is dragging his or her feet, you might be able to pay an exterminator and deduct the cost from your rent. It is important to note that if your neighbor has bedbugs and doesn’t fix the problem as well, you’ll soon have the bugs back in your apartment.

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  1. October 15, 2011 at 3:15 am, Hollytree said:

    So a Resident buys a used sofa full of bed bugs, brings it home and you state it is the property owners problem to pay for treatment?
    So a Resident goes out of town, stays in a hotel gets bed bugs hitchhiking on their luggage and it the property owners problem to pay for treatment

    If you move into an apartment and it is clean and does not have bed bugs and then the resident gets them, they are required to pay for treatment!


  2. November 08, 2011 at 8:59 pm, Lauren said:

    AGREED! This post is W-R-O-N-G! Where I work we have an addendum to the lease stating residents are responsible themselves for all removal. They must and will cover all costs. If someone doesn’t complain of bed bugs in the first week and then suddenly do months later, they clearly are the ones to blame for the infestation.


    • January 14, 2017 at 8:34 am, A said:

      That is not fact. Bed bugs can and will travel from apartment to apartment in a building. If a new tenant moves in, and brought the critters with them, they can infest every apartment in the building and surrounding areas. THAT is not everyone else's fault and they should not be held accountable!>


  3. November 10, 2011 at 7:19 pm, UserFriendly said:

    Actually, That is incorrect. If someone else in the apartment complex brings them home, it is likely that more than one will get infected, and it takes 2 to 3 weeks often for the tenant to find that they are being bitten – and that is if they are part of the 20% of people who have an allergy to bedbugs and their bites show up. Also, because bedbugs can live 12 to 18 months without a meal, it is possible for them to hide in the baseboards or carpet (they do like to hide, and those are favorites spots) for them to begin to show up after a while.

    ALSO, buying something that is already infested or staying at a hotel that has them are only a few ways to pick them up. If you have a child that is in school and someone in the school whom your child interacts with has them, it is possible to get them. If you go to the store, and you give an old friend (who may unknowingly be infested) a hug (perhaps a few eggs on their coat) ta-da! You now have eggs sticking to your coat.

    The best way to keep these little blood suckers away is prevention – and even sometimes that is not enough. Because they do spread quick, and like lice in an elementary school it is necessary if you are living in an apartment complex to thoroughly clean your apartment at least biweekly. Be sure to vacuum the baseboards, your mattress, box spring, any crevices that they could hide in, and keep watch for any itchy spots or small bugs you might find. Consult a professional if you even THINK you might have them! Its easier to get rid of them before a major infestation starts – because once they are in one room, they spread easily!


  4. November 17, 2011 at 6:00 pm, MYBABYSUFFERED said:

    I have a grand baby that was bitten over 81 times from bedbugs that was infested in an apartment my daughter rented. This was her very first apartment she ever had always live at home with us (her Parents). This was a special move for her so she wanted everything to be perfect for her and her daughter. She went and purchase with her tax return everything you need to furnish your home Brand New from the Nebraska furniture store spent almost $5,000.

    Well she moves in March the first 2011 towards the first part of April, her 2yr.old starts coming up with bites maybe 2 or 3 really thought they maybe just insect bites like mosquito or something, she had no pet nor did we whether was changing. But then they started to increase but looking blistery like, so we took her to the doctor, doctor agreed something was biting her and gave us medicine to keep them from getting infected and a list of different insects that it could be. But not naming any certain one as the one biting her.

    This is a really long story, but to try to sum it up, we find out the apartment was infested with Bed bugs. we had never had any exposure to these things didn’t even know what they looked like. The exterminator said the size that he found in the apartment it was apparent they had been there for a long time and it was a infestation of the apartment it’s self. He even gave us a LIVE sample he caught during his inspection of they apartment.

    Notified the office of the issues to the new foreign owners who had just purchased the property a month before my daughter and grand daughter moved in. Asked me to leave the office or they were going to call the police on me, he was YELLING and screaming like a maniac.

    That we had to bring them there cause they don’t have that kind of problem there. I showed him the receipts of my daughters purchases at The Nebraska Furniture store and he said; well they probably the ones who have them who knows! Well we knew he was lying trying to cover up something. We found no reason to continue talking with a very rude and disrespectful person any longer so we left.
    We went to research about the complex, we found tenant complaints dating back to 2009 about the bug infestation in the complex. It was sad reading the complaints due to people seeming unaware they were dealing with Bed Bugs. They look similar to cockroaches but beetle like, so people are unaware they are dealing with this problem. We did witness a lot of furniture being thrown away all the time in dumpsters, but did not no why. but now we do.

    Like I stated earlier this is truly a long story and we are proceeding with legal action, but if I could tell you the story in full you would be simply amazed about this complex and what they have done to my daughter and 2yr.old child to cover up this issue.

    Please what ever you get from this response please when you move your family into any new dwelling, house or apartment invest in a inspection of the place before you move you and your family and property into it. You will save thousands of dollars.
    Thank you for your reading time


  5. November 18, 2011 at 12:10 pm, Landlords are liable said:

    Sorry people, you really think hotels is the breeding grounds for these bugs? sounds like there are a few property owners that are miss informed. Really you need to read up more on these bugs.

    Someone had to bring the bugs to the hotel, and who may that be? people, and the hotels is responsible for their bites. I am sure really you can’t tell who brought the bugs there but the hotels have the pay out the damages.
    I feel property owners are no different, if you care so much about not being sued for this then when tenants move out pay for a inspection of the unit for bed bugs before you move another family into your dwelling. Instead of rushing to reoccupy the unit for your continued income you receive from the tenants.
    Most landlords and property owners are so worried about keeping their money coming in they fail to protect themselves due to greed. Trying to protect themselves through clauses they place in their leases and not protecting their tenants. Just slow down and care more for your income suppliers and you won’t be liable to them.

    Then soon as they hear bed bugs or something they are quick to blame the tenant for the problem, when really they don’t know if it was a past tenant or not who cause it. They rush so quickly to reoccupy the units or homes to continue their income gains. You have the nerve to place a 1 week time frame for someone to come and notify you of bed bugs,, that cap is not going to work in no court of law. For example when you move in a place of infestation such as another response by (mybabysuffered) states.
    It takes time for those bugs to start crawling on you at night and biting you, and I can believe this baby was eaten alive cause they love the tender skin of babies. One Weeks time is not going to cut it lady, now if your complex provides furniture for their units like hotels then I understand the time frame. But if not that is BS. what your doing to your tenants.
    But when you supply your own furnishings then it take a little while before the bugs really start showing up, I hope your company does not wind up one day trying to stand behind this clause! IT WON’T Work.

    Same as hotels they can’t prove the guests brought it there, so how can land/property owners can’t either. They should be held fully responsible for damages to the tenants.
    If I were a property owner I would care more for my tenants who help keep me living in comfort in my home.
    Then they would never have to worry about who is to blame cause if they charge a extra fee in the beginning for this inspections to be done when they move out, and return the money to tenants if the inspection is free from whatever they were looking for. It is that simple care a little more for the ones who supply your income.

    Instead they are quick to insert in the leases how they are not responsible if your unit has bedbugs! That’s a bunch of crap. If I personally read this in someones lease to me that is a RED FLAG that you may or may not experience problem, but if you do it is your fault.

    You owners have a responsibility to make sure your places are safe from this problem,and your tenants are comfortable in their place you charge them for living in. But as it show from a few responses some only want to protect themselves and not the tenants.

    Well wake up landlords/property owners Tenants are standing up against your selfish ways and only looking out for you and you alone. Very sad better take someones advice are you will soon wind up in court one day fighting this very issue.

    The complex that placed a clause in their lease. call an inspection of your units invest some money that your tenants have paid you to keep them safe. If you want to be a property owner then follow the law and provide your tenants with a safe environment. If not the bare the responsibility as a property owner and pay for your own negligence.


  6. November 28, 2011 at 6:44 pm, TwoSidesToEveryStory said:

    It is true that different states have different laws concerning the liability of exterminating bed bugs — it would be nice if there were one rule nationwide, however that will most likely never be the case.

    I agree that it would be good practice for property owners to conduct inspections for bed bugs when tenants move out, however this can be a very cost prohibitive option — the cost would most likely wind up being passed back to the tenant through increased rental rates.

    Having bed bug verbiage is very standard in leases throughout many states, and is nothing to raise an eyebrow over. Some states, such as California, are so litigious that landlords must address all sorts of matters that may sound ridiculous to landlords from other states.

    If a tenant has lived in an apartment for a year or longer, then suddenly complains of bed bug infestation, it is highly likely the tenant infected the apartment themselves — especially if no other surrounding apartment has been infected. In this case, I feel the tenant is solely responsible for paying for the eradication of the bedbug infestation that they created.

    However, if someone moves into an apartment, and 2-3 months down the road they learn they have bedbugs, yet no other unit around them is infected, there is legitimate grounds to believe that the unit may have been infected and undetected by the management at the time the unit was turned, but there is no definite way of really knowing that the tenant didn’t create the infestation somehow. In this scenario, as a landlord, I would be willing to share the cost of the eradication with the tenant.

    If a tenant moves into a unit, finds bed bugs in their unit and it is discovered there are bedbug infested surrounding units, I feel the landlord should be 100% responsible for all costs involved to resolve the infestation of all the units.

    Responsibility is individually based on each specific case — it should not be 100% of the landlord’s responsibility 100% of the time.

    Unlike hotels, which have people in and out of rooms daily, apartment communities have tenants in and out of apartments over long term periods, such as 6 and 12 month leases. The fact that hotels are responsible for eradication of their bedbug infestation makes sense, and has no merit to compare apartment communities — the comparison is apples and oranges.

    This is not an issue about “greedy” landlords — it’s about recognizing and properly assigning responsibility. These cases are being tried with various court rulings – some for landlords and some for tenants.

    In the long run, I feel that the burden of proof is going to fall on the landlord, and unfortunately landlords are going to bear the burden of the cost the majority of the time. If this is the case, rents will rise and no one will win.


  7. December 06, 2011 at 2:03 am, SpringC said:

    In my case, I live in an apartment complex been here for over 2 years as of Sunday night I noticed bedbugs on my childrens bunkbeds…I also have a friend who lives in the same apartment complex she had bedbugs in her unit in August & has visited me in my apartment from time 2 time it is very possible that she brought the bedbugs from her apartment to mine so I do not think I should be responsible for this infestation as I had no idea these bugs we’re in the complex… I think that its the landlords responsibilty to notify ALL tenants of a possible outbreak & treat the units immediately unpon them knowing this information. I am unhappy with the way my property manager has taken care of this matter (HE HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING) My sister moved out due to black mold all the apartment manager do is send someone over spary the bathroom & leave verses treat the black mold correctly & get rid of it, I have mouse dropping behind my refigerator not one time did they pull my refig out they just put 2 traps down & left the unit….I call it poor uncaring rude management….


  8. December 09, 2011 at 12:40 pm, Irrisponsibleposting said:

    The author of this post was irresponsible in posting such a one sided view of an issue that is reaching epidemic proportions.

    A landlord cannot be responsible for every case of bed bugs that hits their community. A bed bug can hitchhike from an infested work place, school, sitters, or friends home. I agree if the landlord knows that a unit had been infested by a resident should make the unit habitable.

    In most cases it is a case of residents purchasing used furniture, used clothing, yard saleing and other activities that increase the risk.

    I know in my home, I found out my son’s friend had them after dealing with an infestation and my son brought them. My landlord helped get me a service at a reasonable cost and allowed me to make payments and it was brought under control. Now my kids aren’t allowed to sit or go into any room in my apartment until they have gone to the bathroom, changed out of their clothing and my laundry basket is now outside until laundry day.

    In my case I couldn’t hold my landlord responsible for what my son’s friends household is like.

    Was disappointed to see such a vague uninformative and inflammatory article on a site like this.


  9. December 19, 2011 at 7:43 pm, IHADTHEM! said:

    I am a tenant in an apartment building and almost all the other rooms were infested with bedbugs and I also got them, but the landlord was all hush hush about it and didn’t do anything for anyone even when someone almost died because of the bites until some of us tenants called the better business bearu (i can’t spell this word) and made them get into action. For over a year some people had it worse then others and rooms were repeatedly treated. But even then, the tenants had to pay for the bedbug bed covers and come up with the quarters and soap to wash everything. One room was sprayed and heated several times and supposedly the are gone, but I don’t think so and I’m gonna move out Jan 1st of 2012 and I’m not taking anything with me except the stuff that has been treated and packed away somewhere else. Mostly everything else I have in my apartment right now is going in the garbage. I thought bedbugs were not real, just a bedtime saying, well I learned that they are real and they are horrible to have.


  10. December 22, 2011 at 1:58 am, Bottomline said:

    Check your property every time you have a tenant move out, that way you know when and who may have brought the bugs to your property. Bottom line is I am sure in every state laws for property owners/ landlords as well as hotels.
    You the property owner is responsible for renting a room or an apartment in habitable conditions. If a inspection is made when the apartment goes vacant then you will always be on top of things, and lessen your chances to be sued. Stop trying to only make the responsibility to be the tenants.


  11. December 22, 2011 at 11:20 am, whythetenant said:

    Why should the rent increase to protect your family from bed bugs? There are companies that will inspect for free. This will be another way for the landlord to try and increase your rent and charge more in your rent each month, which will probably not even cost as much as they will try and charge you. I had my unit inspected for $50.00, well worth the money. If a landlord increases your rent to cover this charge you can bet it will be much more than a company will charge to do the inspection.
    The inspection is not expensive at all, verses the cost you will pay in losing your household belongings due to a infestation.


  12. December 27, 2011 at 8:40 pm, RetardedPropertyOwnersPayUp said:

    I live in Texas and if my apartment became infested with bedbugs, you better believe the property manager would be paying for their removal! Regardless of any “addendum” as the first two posters mentioned, I would not drop one dime for such expenses. Plain and simple, it is the landlord’s responsiblity and if they do not want to step up and keep their residence safe and healthy for the residents, then they need to be sued. Sorry, but future court cases will dictate the norm and a resident will NEVER be stuck with such an expense because one does not know about a bedbug infestation within a week of moving in (again, as the first two idiots posted above). People (especially PARENTS) – watch out for yours because property owners most certainly will not! And if you find that you are up against a difficult property manager and need help, by all means FIND AN ATTORNEY!


  13. January 02, 2012 at 1:58 pm, Sharon Goodwin said:

    I live in Texas and I was going to rate it but its not on the list for ratings. But its a small inside apartments of 12. 3 that we know of has bedbugs. Which the first one was a new tentant that bought a used bed from Christians in Action and happened to be infested. He tried and tried to tell the Manager and he would not belive him. Manager is not a nice person at all, never has since I been here since Dec. 2000. Well the seconds ones moved out because nothing was done. Well I’m the 3rd one. My couch and chair was infested. The bed is ok since its a hospital bed and made of some kind of plastic not cloth mattress.finally got them to come in and check it out and the bug man said it is definitely bed bugs and showed us. I have been treated for stress because of all the allgergy rash all over my body. Well they just sprayed the living room and I had to go complain again because they were crawling on me in my bedroom. So they did come in and spray. I have been gone for two weeks visting family for Christmas. Got back yesterday and I still see the darn things. I was going to move back home but because of the Oil Boom thats out. Nothing I can afford and am stuck here. I’m fixing to have a couch and chair delivered this week and if they get infested all hell is fixing to break lose here. I will do what I have to to make them pay for more furniture and report them to the Better Business Bureau or who ever I can. Im disabled, that is what these apartments are for. We don’t have money for lawyers and to pay for spraying for bed bugs. They should be responsible. I told the manager your whole building is going to all be infested if you don’t spray them all and He just looked at me dumbly as usual. I’m lost and highly upset. But good to here I’m not alone. San Angelo Tx at Candlelight Apartments.


    • February 02, 2017 at 1:26 pm, Carol said:

      > I'ma 64 year old disabled widow I have lived here for12 years 6 apartment downstairs was nice but not maintained well lady moved in in a mobile chair as I am I have a waiver homecare no one will come here and.my son is disabled too I'm in a mobile chair too lady next door tells me she has bedbugs I have never had the. Before in my life landlord has her apartment treated they come to mine our bedrooms are against the same wall


  14. January 04, 2012 at 1:10 am, My baby suffered said:

    Sharon I want to tell you unfortunately you are going to have a very hard time getting rid of your unwelcome friends. My grand baby has terrible scares from these bugs, my daughter had to move out and disgard all her brand new furniture. The exterminator said that the only things that will rid the house of these bugs are a high temperature heating treatment. with was a $1,000 treatment plan and it has to be done more than once.
    We are now in a legal battle with the complex on this very issue, after my grand baby got bitten over 81 times and her mother which also got a staph infestation, lost two jobs and more behind this mess. The Apartment Complex is (The Park Apartments in Shawnee Kansas 66204)

    I really hope the best for you and your out come, call who you can for help! read your lease and see what it says about this issue, check your laws for Tenant/Landlord and what is a landlord responsibility for their tenants. Call an Attorney and see how they can help you do not just call one, they all have different opinions. Once again I wish you all the best to get rid of these bugs they are very damaging to your finances and your life. Good luck Sharon I will keep you in my prayers. But what ever you do do not give up!!!! fight for your rights


  15. January 05, 2012 at 10:06 am, realitycheck24 said:

    “Retardedpropertyownerspayup” is cracking me up! The statement they wrote [you better believe the property manager would be paying for their removal! Regardless of any “addendum”] is making me laugh so hard right now! Try to take that to any court. They are basically saying “No matter what I signed on my lease, how dare they hold me accountable!” hahaha. No honey, You better believe if you signed an “addendum” saying you are responsible for paying for the extermination- and you got bed bugs…..you will be paying up. Now suck it up. hahaha


  16. January 17, 2012 at 11:39 pm, Richard said:

    realitycheck24: You are an idiot, and know nothing about law. Just because something is in a contract does not make it enforceable. You can take it to court, have the judge take one look at it and say, “That’s bullshit.” If statute or case law says the landlord is responsible, then he’s responsible, and he can’t change that by putting a clause in a lease.

    Also, laughing at people in trouble is pretty disgusting.


  17. January 17, 2012 at 11:47 pm, Richard said:

    For example: as was mentioned earlier, a basic legal responsibility of a landlord is to provide a safe, habitable environment for his tenants. If a court determines that a bedbug-infested apartment building is not safe or habitable — which is pretty obvious, given the health effects and risks — then it’s his responsibility to deal with it, and promptly. He can’t disclaim this basic obligation with a few words in the lease, any more than he could relieve himself of his usual legal responsibility to provide smoke detectors by putting in the lease, “I don’t have to provide smoke detectors.”

    He also can’t kill his tenants and eat them by putting in the lease, “Tenant specifically allows Landlord to, at Landlord’s sole discretion, murder Tenant and thereafter consume his body.”


  18. January 19, 2012 at 12:12 am, Fight no matter the fight said:

    That is the same as when you go to your dentist or doctor and sign the consent form, believe me, it has some statement within the consent form saying you can’t hold your dentist/doctor responsible if something happen during an procedure or however the choose to word it. Well if something did happen to you during a procedure and you went to sue for damages. He the dentist or doctor can not hide behind that consent form he had you sign. You can not hide behind clauses, and inflict damages to others and not be held accountable for your action or lack thereof.


  19. January 30, 2012 at 5:45 pm, What to do? said:

    Moved into apt. last month. Never had or knew of bed bug before moving here. Called a expert in and he can’t or won’t say if problem new or signs of being here over a month. Who to call for honest professional opinion? HELP- How do I find out if this is a problem for other residents?? I have no problem paying to fix this and buying everything all new. My worry is will this go away or am I about to fight a losing battle. We have all new carpet but feel like being bit up in every room. Now I think about it I wondered why I never smelled that new carpet smell when first looked at apartment. NW Oma


  20. February 02, 2012 at 5:21 pm, realitycheck24 said:

    Richard, If laughing at people is disgusting, than calling them idiots is civil? I found it humorous that somone can sign a binding legal agreement and then choose not to abide by it when it does not land in their favor. As a property manager that “knows knowthing about the law”, I did not say that the landloard should not take care of the problem. As soon as my tenants get preped, I treat for the bugs immediately….and then I send them a BILL as stated in their BINDING lease agreement that has held up in every court of law I have been to. So as you state “basic legal responsibility of a landlord is to provide a safe, habitable environment for his tenants.” My companys lease also includes my tenants to to KEEP the environment clean and satisfactory. However, as an excellent Landlord I help anyone tenant that brings these creatures into my buildings. And Richard, I feel like I need to tell you, dont sign a lease that states “Tenant specifically allows Landlord to, at Landlord’s sole discretion, murder Tenant and thereafter consume his body.” That would just be stupid on your part.


  21. April 21, 2012 at 10:58 pm, AngryLandlord said:

    Here”s one for you.My family owns this two family house for 41 years,and in 41 we have never had any bedbugs.NOT ONE. Amonth after this one person moves in suddenly there are bedbugs ,IN HER ROOM ONLY may I add. Now I’m supposed to pay $1,400???!! This is ridiculous!!!!! Between property taxes,home owners insurance,heating bills ,water and sewer,etc And tenants think that we have stashes of gold or something! I wonder if we put a clause in the lease saying the the apartment is bedbug free and if you acquire an infestation you are responsible to pay is possible or legal


  22. July 14, 2012 at 10:03 pm, helpless said:

    I live in an apartment that has 8 adjoining units. Everything was great for over year until one group of mexican men moved in. I noticed bites about 3 months ago. I had no idea they were bedbugs at the time. It did seem strange because the bites were an almost straight line down my leg. I figured i just had an allergic reaction to something because i have sensitive skin. Well, a few days after the bites, I see the bug. It looked like a beetle, but moved like a tick. I squashed it and was done. a week later and I wake up covered from head to toe in the same bites. they were all over my body, but still grouped in the same little clusters. I KNEW something was wrong. So, i look under my mattress and see nothing. Then, I flipped my box spring and there they were in little families all under my bed. The mexicans actually put their furniture outside and you could see them crawling on them. I really hope my apartment management takes care of this. It doesn’t matter how much we steam and vacuum and throw our belongings away, they are everywhere. I have never had an experience like this in my life. I could clean my house constantly and they will still come from the walls from the other apartment. I feel like i am being punished for my neighbors lack of attention to their bug problem.


  23. August 25, 2012 at 2:04 pm, i care ! said:

    First of all! Anyone on here posting against the other comments,is definately a “property manager” or “owner”! Second? MAN! Have I got knowledge of an even greater problem! And that is MOLD!..As someone who has recently gotten out of this “apartment” business,or should I say,SCAM! Business?on the maintanence end of it….MAN! At all the suckers! Paying for your sickness??????50 percent of the apartments in birmingham have hidden “colonies” of this growing in walls and ceilings,bathrooms and kitchens! One particular company in fact,dosent even remedy it! Their answer?-“just cut out what is seen and patch it with new drywall”……. “oh! And get it done before the tenant gets home,and see’s it!”. I am putting out this info very soon.. when you see it? READ IT!…Please!


  24. September 22, 2012 at 7:46 am, Deb said:

    Hello, I am VERY, VERY blessed to live where I do in an elderly/disabled community. Our manager, maybe because HUD is involved pays for the dog to do PRE-inspections and that heat treatment.
    I have always thought it would be worthwhile for a landlord to pay for that pre-inspection or in reverse which means the same, paying for an inspection AFTER a tenant moves out.

    What I pray for is that we find an answer. It is easy to point fingers, or whatever UNTIL you are the one getting bit, and if you don’t have resources? OMG…what a sad situation.

    I believe in keeping compassion for others. This could happen to ANY of us! What about a blind tenant that cannot see? And the PREP? I hear that is HARD LABOR and if you are disabled well that is an issue and who covers the cost of that. Anyway…I am SO sorry for those of you that were unlucky and picked up those nasty bugs. I PRAY I never have to deal with it.
    Best to everyone.
    The thought of a baby getting bit just breaks my heart:(


  25. October 24, 2012 at 2:24 pm, eric said:

    my landlord is trying to say they arte not responsible for the bed bugs.i washed my walls three weeks ago .i pulled all the furniture out and did not see any bugs at all let alone bed bugs now all of a sudden there is hundreds of them.but i think that therte is a couple of other pests at work here too.CHIGGER MITES!!!maybe even fleas.if these are bed bugs arent they supposed to lioke beds?not these guys they live in the walls.found only a few on the bed.but when i sprayed the base boards tyhey came out by the hundreds.WHATS UP WITH THAT?


  26. November 01, 2012 at 10:56 pm, suza weaver said:

    Oh really, what if my granddaughter had was getting bit here and there bit everyone assuming it was a mosquito after being in apt for a yr. 2nd yr, a bit here and there. 21/2 yrs, roof gets ripped off apt complex and replaced… One week later…bugs red ones everywhere in kids room, walls, beds, ceilings. What are they? No idea. Called in management, bed bugs. What are they? Bed bugs, in mom room too. Omg. What caused this?. Management says you did. Don’t tell anyone you got them in the building. You pay 500,to rid them, we will attach cost to your lease. What? Shh quiet. Neighbors talk, guy above them has had bb and can’t afford 500. Whole building has them. Extermination happens after almost everything my dtr has is thrown out. Hours spent on caulking cracks, steaming, prof treatment, lastly. 3 months no bb. Oops 2 weeks ago, kids getting bit AGAIN. Fu Abbey Walk Apts in Newark, De.


  27. December 03, 2012 at 8:01 pm, So sick of my apartment/landlord!! said:

    I have been living in my apartment for about almost 3 years have never had a problem with my landlord or bugs. I want to say may 2012 I was cleaning and seen a bug on my couch didnt think of anything bc I didn’t know what bed bugs looked like and i thought it was a tick. Weeks went by and my 2 yr old daughter would lay on the couch wake up with bite marks and I just assumed it was a mosquito biting her. Well it got worse everyday and so I cleaned everthing like crazy and I looked in the crack of my couch bc it was a futon couch and there I see a bunch of bugs! I threw my couch out and my landlord owns a resturant and when you call him he never answers and he was never around so I have told the manager about my situation and he’s like ok ill have an exterminator over by Friday and they never show so again I went and told him again and they he said he had to speak to my landlord and sees what he has to say. Meanwhile a guy upstairs who had moved in around may always brought in tree logs and stuff so who knows what he brought into the apartment. Well my landlord wanted to see my apartment bc I had said something again to him an he blames me bc I have stuff on my table( clothes that I didn’t want on my floor bc I have no closet space) and he seen totes and a bag I water bottles I had to return. He refuses to do anything about this and my poor child wakes up every morning with bites on her hands, legs, and face. Oh and on top of that my walls are cracking and I have mold on my windows and in my bathroom. I had written him a letter and saying I had a lawyer and he didnt seem to care. What else can I do??? I have a bunch of stuff that’s ruined and has to be thrown out but don’t have money to replace it when I leave. I’ve spent my own money on sprays and bombs and nothin works!!! I don’t have money for an exterminator.


  28. December 07, 2012 at 4:57 pm, dollylolli said:

    My mom just moved into her apt less than a week. Today she gets a call from her landlord stating that one of her neighbors found one and is blaming her for bringing them. Now I work at a hotel, and I understand that this is serious stuff. We even have to bring in a change of clothes and spray the ones we have down before going home to insure we dont get infestations. My question is, knowing what I know which is more than I care to because our hotel wants us aware of them to prevent us from keeping them, is the landlord allowed to blame my mom? She hasnt even been there for a week, if she brought them in I highly doubt that another neighbor from her complex would have them unless they brought it in a while ago. Even our exterminator for our hotel comes in everytime we have a report of it, says it has to be a heavy infestation to be able to find them. ????? Curious as to why landlord would blame my mother and is that legally fair?


  29. December 31, 2012 at 2:11 am, Erin said:

    Ok, so what if a landlord didn’t inform a new tenant of the fact that their unit already had bedbugs and that the entire building either has or previously had an infestation, before new tenant signs a lease and moves in? That’s what my landlord did! I moved in about two months ago and after about two Weeks of living here, I noticed little bugs on my bed. I had never heard of bedbugs or even what they looked like so I didn’t think much of it. Then, after I started noticing the bugs, I also noticed the blood streaked sheets, little black specs on sheets, and strange welts started appearing more and more. This was becoming a huge issue. Isn’t a property owner supposed to disclose that sort of information and take care of the bedbugs before they rent to people? I have two small children that are being greatly affected by this as well. So away, I knew something wasn’t right, so before I brought it up to my landlord, I decided to ask the neighbors in the building if they have ever experienced the same problem. Everyone I asked said YES! I then asked “really? What are these bugs called?” They said they were bed bugs and so I googled it. Everything I read was horrifying! I was like “ewwww, WTF? ? ? ! ! ! Why didn’t my landlord tell me?” That’s when I called my landlord. His response was “ooh, just ignore the neighbors. They are just exaggerating. Bedbugs aren’t a big deal. It is very common. They will go away in their own.” Yeah right! I did my research so sorry to burst his bubble, but they absolutely do NOT go away on their own! I asked him to have an inspection done. He agreed. As I suspected, it was bedbugs. I asked if he had prior knowledge of bedbugs in his unit that i’m renting from him. He said yes! What the…? To top things off, after he admitted he had known his unit already had bedbugs, out of nowhere he said “well if you don’t pay your rent I will evict you” Wait, what? Um, who said anything about not paying rent? I sure as hell didn’t. But now that he mentioned it, I did my research on that, too. Lol. I wanted to know what my rights were as a tenant. Turns out, constructive eviction is illegal and I let him know, straight up. He didn’t want to pay for extermination because it was “too expensive”, but as soon as I mentioned the constructive eviction, he quickly changed his attitude. Exterminator came, but didn’t treat every room. Um, doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of exterminating? Well, the bedbugs are not gone STILL. I have even caught live ones huddling up in the corners of my couches. I saved ones that I had killed already. It’s so gross because the ones that were alive were full grown adults. I even killed two unknowingly. Apparently it was on my pillow and I had rolled over on it smashing it with my cheek. Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew! Landlord doesn’t want to treat a second time, so i’ve decided to break my lease and move. I told him so he is aware of my plans. I put it in writing. I am following the laws. If he tries to dispute, fine, go right ahead. I look forward to it actually. I am also demanding my deposit back for breach of lease agreement because of his negligence and illegally withholding information that would, for a fact, be deemed an uninhabitable residence.


  30. December 31, 2012 at 2:30 am, Erin said:

    I’m also not ashamed to admit that we have bedbugs, but I know most people are ashamed of what others will think. Very sad. I mean, if someone wanted to come over to our apartment such as a family member, I would say no and explain why. I don’t want to put that sort of burden on anyone. For the people on here who do have Assn infestation, i’m sorry. Nobody should have to live like that! It’s good to know we are not alone. And to shady landlords……good luck if you are being sued……you’ll need all the luck you can get. Not every landlord is 100% percent responsible, I get that, but in my case, my soon to be ex landlord is definitely 100% responsible and I can and will prove it in court.


  31. January 03, 2013 at 12:41 pm, Pamela said:

    I have dealt with the same issue. I live in Sidney, Ohio. I moved here because my husband got a job here and him driving an hour back n forth got old. So we relocated. I looked at my apartment and signed the lease. Little did I know that the tenants upstairs had been battling bed bugs and cockroaches. So AFTER signing my lease, for my husband children and myself, ALL the neighbors decided to gather around and let me know about the bedbugs including the upstairs tenants. One tenant said he would have warned us but the Landlord warned him about ten minutes before we arrived that if he said a word he would have consequenes. Oh and let me mention the landlord knew I was bringing children with me. The tenant upstairs being an elderly man living off SSI disability had no choice so he isn’t evicted with no where to go. Okay so once we noticed the issue we started asking MORE questions. Like what can we do about it? Well the Landlord is a Treasurer within the city and a Liar. The housing authority got involved and said there were no bedbugs and also sent a letter stating that Orchin comes in regularly. Well I have been here for 5 months and have never seen any Orchin or any other bug control companies. The tenants upstairs rent went up because of this and it does not happen. So not only is the landlord a liar he is frauding the government too. This I thought was a Felony but not if you are known to the government. So now we deal with the fact that we have bedbugs and do ALL the DIY treatments since we cannot afford the heat treatment. Now when we move we have to worry about if we are taking this issue elsewhere and if we will effect others lives. I would not want to spread this to anyone, we don’t visit anyone anymore and don’t let others visit in fear that it will spread. So all you sneaky, lying landlords who are all about the money and not the welfare of children and elderly, God is the only one who can and WILL judge you.


  32. March 04, 2013 at 2:41 am, Tara said:

    I’m am going through the same thing and its horrifying we evacuated like a fire we have nothing he won’t give my security and wants me to move my infested belongings out of his apartmrnt but I’m in fear of infesting my new home on top of him having to code violations one of black mold and not even trying to remedy and violated enforcement for the mold now I discovered the bedbugs and we left immediately I feel like I’m disgusting


  33. March 19, 2013 at 1:51 am, THERESA said:

    i lived in my apartment for 8yrs,and year 7,i found what i later found out was bed bugs,when i called the mangers office,the leasing agent ,told me not to say anything,and i said ok!not thinking at that moment,i told my daugther,and she fliped out,at the response they gave me,and went on line and contacted.renter right,and protection.and they did all the rest.i will have to come back with all the right info,please watch for theresa,i will leave another reply tomorrow,march 19 2013,these bugs eat u,so is in human for you to live there,they wait for there host(you)to go to bed,cause they know your asleep because of the carbin gas,or oxgyen then they march up your bed and stick this pointer in your body and suck,you can put vaseline around your bed cause they cant climb up cause the get stuck,but they will find a way to go up the wall to the ceiling and drop on you while your sleeping just to eat your blood,they dont come from people,they come from our electrical outlets,and window seals,steam heat along the floor,they come out when its pitch dark,you can catch them with a flash light in the middle of the night,by looking at your mattress,i lost all my belongings,and the manger,would not resign my lease after leaving there for 8 years,i said but i want to stay,its my home her reason for not resigning me,is as she stated,we have the same rights as the renters,that is to give a 30day notice,i pleaded with her to stay,she rudely said no 30days,i said as a renter if i gave a 30 day notice,it would be because i had some place to move into,she said sorry and merry christmas.the people who protect the renter,they publish each person case,and the mangers was so,mad that people read this about the americana lakewood apts that she manged,she would rather kick a 57 year old disabled women on the street,20 days before xmas,i am still dealing with the stress and the humillation,i had no where to go no money and she wanted my only source of income for the last month there,of course i had no choice but to use that disabilty check to move,i am looking for my contract as the apartments are suieing me and put an eveiction on my clean rental history.i had been late by one day maybe 15xs in 8 years,i was late that month.but i used the money to stay at motel and to eat out,also,my rent was $764. I ALWAYS PAID AT LEAST $840,BUT IF IT WAS LATE I PAID $900.EASY,WHICH IM NOT COMPLAING,IM JUST SAYING THAT ITS FUNNY AFTER 8 YEARS OF NO PROBLEMS,SHE DECIDES SHE JUST DOESNT WANT TO RENT TO ME ANYMORE,ITS NOT THE MONEY,THEY MADE MORE THEN MY RENT OFTEN,I DO BELIEVE THAT THIS NOTHING MORE THEN RTELATE AGAINST ME,THERE WERE 4 OTHER APARTMENTS THAT ALSO HAD BED BUGS AT THE SAME TIME,THERESA


  34. October 05, 2013 at 3:15 pm, Definitely Pissed said:

    So I have a tenant that has lived in my property for the last 7 years. She just called me saying that she has bed bugs and that she called a exterminator to come out and take a look. She says that it will cost $1200 to get rid of them. Who pays then. She has occupied the home for 7 years with no problems. Is this still my problem?


  35. November 26, 2013 at 10:04 am, Tammy said:

    My neighbors had someone move in with them from a bed bug infested home in Dec 2012. In May of 2013,she informed the landlord that she had bed bugs
    Prior to this,she kept complaining of bites and tried to say it was fleas from my cat. I think she thought that there would be an extermination upon that complaint and that she would not be blamed or ever found out about regarding the bed bugs she brought in. Anyway,her and her roomates have visited my apartment many times and also borrowed my vacuum before I knew of the bed bugs.
    I found them in my place in Oct 2013.
    For no acceptable excuse,there was NO extermination done until the end of Oct. I had to call the health inspector before my apt was even inspected after my complaint. The landlord had scheduled my neighbor ONLY, for an inspection before Sept.I saw her original list of preparations to do after I told her I had them as well.It was dated for Sept 10th.She was not in compliance with the list on that date,so it was rescheduled.
    Prior to my complaint,the landlord had no intention of inspecting or exterminating any other unit. After I called health inspector AGAIN a week after my inspection,landlord said he as waiting to hear from exterminator. Only after this did I get a real list of preparation,which was grueling,to say the least.
    Neighbor called me after extermination “Tammy,will you tell Jason (her boyfriend)that it doesn’t matter if my blanket isn’t washed.It was out in the cold for 2 days!” HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we wait for SECOND extermination…
    My belongings are still outside in bags,wall hangings,clothes,knick knacks etc. My walls are bare,I’m living out of bags and sitting in plastic lawn chairs for over a month now. My apartment once was very cute,clean and cozy.Now it looks like I just moved in last night or am moving out tomorrow. This sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BEWARE OF BED BUGS!! DON NOT SPREAD THEM! Light a fire under your landlord’s ass if you hear of a neighbor having bed bugs..The longer it goes on,the worse it gets.
    Landlord told me to use a hairdryer on my bed!!!!!! I don’t even one as if that would cure the problem!!


  36. November 26, 2013 at 10:12 am, Tammy said:

    My building is also infested with mice.has been for years. I would rather have them sleeping with me and deal with their poop,any day!
    Conway NH


  37. November 10, 2016 at 2:53 am, Amanda said:

    I'm from Pennsylvania and my landlord owns a row house(6 of them connected) he only sprayed 2 and didn't do the rest. My fiance and i contacted him telling him we had gotten them and he refused to spray us. We went out and bought spray. He now evicted one of our neighbors for having them last month. We had told him yet again last month we needed sprayed and he refused. A month later we still have them and our 8 month old is getting bit and he is finally spraying but we are moving in 2-3 weeks. We aren't able to take anything with us but a few items. Can we take him to court for it because we have now lost everything? He is waiting til the week before we move to spray us but the treatment will not kill eggs so we wont be taking many items. We will be taking our clothes and some of our daughters toys. What can we do?


  38. January 25, 2017 at 12:08 am, Amy Aguilar said:

    Im at my wits end ive lived in this apartment for more than 6 months its invested with bed bugs and roaches ive been trying to clear them out my self because the landlord just keeps telling me that they will get around to it amd nothing my son has been infected with the bites i also have a closet ceiling that caved in with the rain from over time i have a biv hole that birds and insects come through and to make it worse im almost sure we have black mold i have told the office many times over and over there response they will get to it 6 months later and nothing what can i do i dont have money to get up and move wirh all my belongings infested with bed bugs please help me


  39. February 03, 2017 at 3:07 pm, Karen Celli said:

    So I have just moved in to a mobile trailer with my husband and 3 kids. The first night after we just moved in my mom looks over and sees two bed bugs crawling out of the wall. About 3 days later I called my landlord and told her this place is infected with bedbugs and and she has infected everything we have moved in also. Our bed our sons bed and girls bunkbed. Couch u name it everything in this place. We have had two exterminators come in and both have told my landlord that they were here way before we ever thought about moving in. Well as we r now her not even two weeks we r looking for a new place due to our son being bitten by the ick Well we maybe fing something we like and our landlord now slanders our name. She don't want to take responsibility for what she has done to us and we want out but she is slandering us so bad we can't find nothing. I know it is still early but does anyone know what we can due. Any advice will help


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