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A number of formal complaints have been lodged against the White GloveMoving & Storage Company, located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Most of the cases involve issues with the company raising the price of the move after providing an estimate or failing to pick up or deliver items on time. While the company has a clean record with the Better Business Bureau, several individuals have reported significant discrepancies between what White Glove initially told them and the charges demanded or services provided by the company in the end. Here are a few of the problems that some customers encountered, and what we can learn from these negative experiences.

Rate hike and intimidating behavior

Though this customer was originally given a specific price estimate for her move based on the weight of items to be moved, that estimate increased fourfold when the movers arrived at her house. After drastically increasing the estimate, the movers then attempted to appease the customer by lowering the price, but the total was still at least three times the original quote. The customer agreed to this revised estimate, but was then bullied into giving the movers a $400 tip in cash when they refused to move her items until they received the cash.

The major price hike didn’t result in better service—if anything, the company seemed to want to take further advantage of this (now high-paying) customer. White Glove had informed the customer that the move would take between one and two weeks, and the customer had repeatedly stressed that she needed her items by a certain date (soon after the two-week deadline) because she was beginning a job. The two-week estimate soon fell through, and the customer was informed her possessions would arrive the day after the absolute latest deadline she had clearly set for the company. That date was soon moved back a week. When the movers still hadn’t arrived over three weeks after they had taken her possessions, the customer was finally able to contact the company. The moving truck had traveled less than 500 miles in more than three weeks.

While this customer’s experience is undoubtedly horrific, it’s also indicative of the importance of obtaining signed contracts and getting estimates and arrival dates in writing. Of course unforeseen circumstances can always arise, and a company can mishandle an estimate and need to revise it later, but such a gross failure to provide services in a timely and cost-effective matter is certainly cause for concern. Intimidating behavior is never acceptable and should be reported immediately to the movers’ supervisors and even the police if necessary. If you have documentation of an agreed price, the moving company should not be able to extort additional funds from you. Moreover, most movers require a certain portion of the total price to be paid before the move, and leave the remainder to be paid after. You should have a percentage agreement that you can point to if the movers request more money before your items have been moved.

Bottom line: Create a clear agreement, get an in-person consultation if possible, and be firm about your expectations and needs.

Revised estimate and delays

Another customer had similar problems with White Glove Moving, though the situation was slightly different—a storage request, not a move. White Glove’s initial estimate included provisions for a certain amount of materials, and the company gave the impression that items could be packed, moved, and unpacked on the same day. The estimated price for these materials was later tripled, and the company claimed that packing would have to be done on one day and the moving the next.

In respond to these assertions, the customer negotiated the price down and insisted that the move to storage be completed the same day, offering to help the movers pack in order to expedite the process. Though this customer was able to negotiate the movers’ initial attempts to change the price, the moving company engaged in “bait and switch” tactics.

Bottom line: Negotiate with the moving company if they attempt to increase charges or modify the service. Unless a contract is signed, you can negotiate anything.

Complete cancellation

White Glove gave this customer the impression that they’d show up to complete his move as long as he paid a large deposit to justify the trip to his remote location. The customer made plans based on White Glove coming to complete the move on a specific date. On that day, White Glove failed to show up. When the customer contacted the company, they told him that they had decided not to perform his move due to the remote location. The company did return the customer’s deposit, but he was forced to hire a different company at the last minute.

Bottom line: Confirm and double-check your arrangements with the company. When possible, get an agreement with dates and prices in writing.

Late arrival, unclear conditions

White Glove arrived late at this particular customer’s home, and there was unclear communication between the company and the customer about the services to be rendered. The customer thought that the company would disassemble and reassemble furniture and unpack items from boxes once the move was complete. The company claimed it was not able to reassemble the disassembled furniture and that unpacking would incur additional charges.

Bottom line: Know what services you’re agreeing upon from the start.

Even more customers have had problems with White Glove arriving late and charging additional fees. Although the company officially has a clean record, this collection of customer experiences may be enough to raise some eyebrows. Regardless of what moving company you decide to use, the negative moving experiences had by many individuals highlight the importance of obtaining clear contracts and information about what services your move will include and what it will cost.

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  1. October 18, 2006 at 12:45 pm, Guest said:

    A moving company in Austin, TX did almost the EXACT SAME THING when I moved!!!!! I won’t use them again either. Thanks for the article- it will help others out there immensely!


  2. October 23, 2006 at 3:28 pm, Guest said:

    I had a moving company try to bilk my Mom out of more money when they got to her house. She is 60 years old and had a house with four rooms, and lots of furniture and other memories.
    Luckily I came over early that day, and noticed the two big men physically intimidating my mother for five times the cost that they asked her for before, in CASH. She was shaking she was so afraid of those two muscle bound idiots.
    I was so angry…I actually saw red. I’m a petite woman, about 5’3″ tall, but I was in such a rage at their treatment of my frail mother that I made the two jerks run for their lives.
    Do not let your loved ones be alone on their move. I gathered every friend I had and we moved my mother’s whole house for Pizza and beer.


  3. November 05, 2006 at 9:19 am, Guest said:

    These jerks from White Glove Moving sound like a replica of NICE MOVERS from NY. They give you a low estimate first, then when everything is on the truck they double or triple your bill and if you don’t give them $500 tip, they intimidate you before the delivery and bang up and dent your appliances and claim that they had an accident on the road. Their insurance is a joke. Rent a truck like Budget and do your own moving. Cheaper and less aggravation.


  4. February 28, 2007 at 2:12 pm, Guest said:

    I decided to not use White Glove Moving for a move that I had late last year specifically because of the poor reviews that their company recieved.


  5. April 10, 2007 at 4:00 pm, Guest said:

    an ex employee thats angry,doesnt make for a great review


  6. November 09, 2007 at 9:51 am, Guest said:

    I just wanted to add to the complaints against White Glove Moving and Storage. I too was given a quote of more than 50% less that what the outcome was. I was told that I could agree to a flat rate that the movers felt would be less than if the truck was actually weighed. I was strongly urged to tip 20% and as the cost kept rising, this became impossible. I was told by the company that they would replace any damaged items up to an amount of .60/pound of the entire load, not PER ARTICLE. I incurred another $700 in damaged items. Basically, my bill went from $2,250 to $5,800 for the move. I will NEVER use this company again.


  7. February 19, 2008 at 3:01 pm, Guest said:

    I had a great experience with White Glove. My girlfriend and I used them to move a few months ago. They were great. The guys showed up on time, everything was packed carefully, and the price was right.


  8. May 01, 2008 at 6:39 pm, Guest said:

    I have had a horrific experience with White Glove and am still awaiting my items (so the experience could get worse). They have failed to deliver my furniture on the day they told me it would be delivered. After taking off from work and waiting around all day, I finally receive a call and the dispatcher (Lincoln) informs me that his driver cannot clear my breezeway and that DOT does not allow tractor trailers on my street. After putting two police officers on the phone as well as the manager of my apt building who told him that tractor trailers are okay and that the breezeway is the width of 3 cars placed side-by-side, he informed me that he was not going to have his driver take the chance and that they will call me in the future for another date of my delivery.

    I informed him that he should at least have his driver stop by and look and make the judgment call on whether he can clear it (he would have been able to clear it with plenty of room) and he still refused. That’s when I realized that they had no intention on delivering my items on the date they told me. As of now I am still without my items.

    I wish I would have seen this site prior to using them (though I did not specifically choose them, white glove is an affiliate of the company I contracted with, and the company used them to move my things…yet another scam).

    Please report your issues to the Better Business Bureau (https://odr.bbb.org/odrweb/public/GetStarted.aspx) so that others can have a more accurate assesment of this company.


  9. June 17, 2008 at 2:39 pm, Guest said:

    I recently used this company and had a horrible experience. First of all the movers took forever packing my merchandise onto the truck. Honestly, they took smoke break after smoke break. Furthermore, I spoke with a dispatcher who infomred me that he was looking at my contract my weight was fine and I did not owe any additional funds. Two days later I received a phone call from the driver stating that I owed additional funds. They totally caught me off guard with this price increase. I reported them to the BBB but that was not enough because this company is getting away with this too often.


  10. August 15, 2008 at 9:46 am, Guest said:

    There are numerous “White Glove” moving companies nationwide. We are White Glove Storage and Delivery in Austin, Texas and we keep the guessing game out of any charges. We charge by the hour so that there is no hidden charge in the end. We hire the best in the industry and they are experts in fine furnishings.
    I just want to clarify that we do not try to “pull one over” on any of our clients….The White Glove in Austin, Texas, is not affilliated with any other company, and keeps it simple by charging by the hour. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.


  11. October 03, 2008 at 2:26 pm, Guest said:

    October 1, 2008

    Please read this blog and believe it. I had such a bad experience with White Glove Moving and Storage. They quoted one price in writing and then they came up with all kinds of add-on fees. The damaged my brand new furniture and tried to say it was already that way. What a headache! Avoid White Glove Moving and Storage. Please, save yourself the trouble.


  12. October 16, 2008 at 9:58 am, Guest said:

    I am with the NJ State Moving and Storage Association. Any information about a members conduct is important to us. Please let us know if you have any concerns either positive or negative. You can speak to Tracy or Bob at (732)341-3934.


  13. November 03, 2008 at 1:08 pm, Guest said:

    Before i moved, i researched and found out about the moving company scams, check out this website: MovingScam.info very helpful information.

    Good luck to everyone who moves and be safe.


  14. November 25, 2008 at 12:19 pm, Guest said:

    folks, this company has agents who make postings like this in their defense, sorry it’s not working people.

    white glove should be called white trash.

    if i wanted to destroy my property, take days to move and be charged $3400 for what was estimated as a $700 move…

    i could have hired legitimate thugs!


  15. December 03, 2008 at 6:01 pm, Guest said:

    I cannot find your website. Can you tell me what it is?


  16. December 11, 2008 at 1:40 pm, Guest said:

    New Jersey :A number of formal complaints have been lodged against the White Glove Moving & Storage Company, located in Jersey City, New Jersey.


  17. December 11, 2008 at 2:18 pm, Guest said:

    Most of these were placed on here directly by movingscam themselves.
    One of these was copied and then pasted here directly from movingscam word for word.

    None of these complaints are even verifiable. White glove moving is one of the largest and finest moving companies in the United States serving many dignitaries and high level folks with excellence and professionalism as you will see below.

    Dear friends and future clients,

    Thank you for inquiring into White glove VIP services, and it is indeed an honor to have the opportunity to earn your trust and business.. I would like to invite you to take the time to review my essential moving tips which will assist you in the sometimes daunting task of choosing a professional moving company.


    In response to your request for a quote you will soon be contacted by many companies offering you their services for your relocation. Unlike White Glove Moving & Storage, some of these companies will be brokers which will offer you beautiful illegal cubic foot based quotes and/or complicated “maximum tariff based discount pricing) contracts. Both of these type of quotes will be great only until the day of the move at which time a different company will appear with a new contract in hand and new big prices.


    1. They request 20 or 25% deposit immediately when you wish to reserve (this is their commission, on the day of the move a new company would show up with new contract in hand and new pricing) Never pay in advance, only on the day of the move 50% and the balance upon delivery.

    2. They quote in cubic feet and pounds at the same time (it is illegal to quote in cubic feet, on the day of the move, the moving company that shows up will choose to use cubic feet thus allowing them to increase your price by spreading out your household goods in the truck)

    3. They give a too good to be true price, this great price is only good until the day of the move at which time the new company will have a new contract ( Once you hand over your 20 or 25% deposit, their job with you is complete, what happens afterwards is the company who shows up’s problem)
    Moving can be a strenuous ordeal both physically and psychologically and I look forward to speaking with you about your upcoming relocation requirements in order to prepare for you an accurate professional quote for your move. Your move is as individual as you are and I would prefer to customize your estimate.

    White Glove Moving & Storage is one of the largest full service professional household goods moving company in the United States. Our worldwide national Headquarters are in Bayonne, NJ and we are fully licensed Intrastate and Interstate Movers with a large fleet of state of the art trucks and professional well trained team units.

    For over 17 years White Glove has been moving thousands of great people and families like you and yours along with NFL, MLB, celebrities, military and embassy families from coast to coast 7 days a week 24 hours a day. But ya know what? The most important move that we conduct is your move and it is an honor to earn your business and your move..

    Essential Moving Tips:

    1.) Reputable Moving Companies – Versus – Moving brokers?

    Moving brokers are those that act as a middle man between customers and moving companies. They often front companies with bad records and many complaints that cannot solicit their services any more. Simply, brokers have a few trucks if any and they will usually quote a low price in order to suck you in.

    2.) Check all moving companies only at government operated web sites:

    Two easy steps to check a company:
    1. Click the following link: safersys.org go to FMCSA Searches under Company Snapshot.
    2. Enter the Legal name, USDOT#, or MC# of a moving company and press ‘Search’.

    The information you are most interested is the Number of ‘power units’ (trucks) and the number of drivers. A simple way to identify moving brokers! Typically they have one or two ‘power units’ (trucks) and few if any drivers. Also check to see whether they have any interstate mileage (MCS150)(a tell tale sign).

    3.) What are the official recommendations regarding charging a move?

    According to the American Motor Safety Association, (AMSA) of which we are long standing members, the only price a Long distance move is by weight. Local Moves on the other hand are charged by the time that it takes.

    Charging by cubic feet is illegal, and companies using this procedure are being investigated. Volume estimates are subjective. Some companies, typically moving brokers, will charge based on the volume of your goods and the driver will load the truck in order to maximize your volume (This is a scam – Don’t get caught!)


  18. December 20, 2008 at 11:13 pm, Guest said:



  19. February 11, 2009 at 5:40 pm, Guest said:

    The b**S that white glove saying about cubic feet is simply B***S because as a mover you can set up your tariff to be based on weight or cubic feet or both. now if you choose to go with a company that provide a cubic feet estimate it is good if you list exactly the items that you are moving and by that you should receive a binding estimate and beside that you can super vice the loading process and you can tell if the mover are maximizing your shipment and by the time the movers are done you now exactly how much you are paying unlike the weight you will be waiting for a call telling you oh we thought it will be this amount but oops now it is more and you do not know if they weigh your shipment or the whole warehouse so as a consumer you should do your home work and search for the BBB record of each company and see if they are members of AMSA and be honest about what you are moving, avoid companies who tells lies and trashing other companies because they should earn your business by giving you the best price and service and not by trashing others, customers be smart and do your home work before choosing movers.


  20. February 11, 2009 at 10:38 pm, Michelle said:

    I had a great experience with White Glove when I moved from New York City to fort lee NJ in the beginning of February 2009. The estimator who came to my apartment was extremely nice and very professional. On the day of the move, the crew showed up right on time and said that the estimate was correct. They finished the packing that I hadn’t done, loaded the truck much faster than I expected, and moved me in to my new place in New Jersey. They were all professional, courteous, and friendly. They did a great job, and I highly recommend this company.


  21. February 24, 2009 at 3:33 pm, George said:

    I recently moved with Green Van Lines and my move was amazing. They were fast efficent and very professional. I was more then satisfied with their packing and moving capabilities. I ended up not having enough time to pack all of my inventory and had a few extra items, they packed and wrapped these items perfectly loaded them on the truck and cleaned up everything. When they arrived at my home they unloaded everything put it where it belonged and even helped take some items to a local donation drop off. I am 1000% satisfied with this company and recommened them to anyone looking for a professional and personable company that does’nt only offer great service but all with a eco friendly touch! I love the GREEN aspect! Spread this companies name They are Fantastic and we all really need to use them!


  22. March 19, 2009 at 6:30 pm, Olga said:

    I recently moved with White Glove and would like to worn everyone about this company. They are an absolute SCAM !!!! Please be careful with this company. I will never use it again and will also pass this warnings to all my clients.


  23. April 13, 2009 at 2:52 pm, Tim said:

    Does anyone else SMELL a HUGE RAT here…. or is it just me? No smoke where there isn’t a fire friends ————- beware!


  24. June 08, 2009 at 6:13 am, Doug said:

    White Glove pulled a similar thing with us. While I was out of state for our move, White Glove guaranteed a .40 per pound price. Based upon my experience of moving the same articles three times in as many years, the total weight would not have been more than 8,000 pounds or $3,200. When they came to remove our belongings, the driver concvinced my wife that the load would be more than 13,000 pounds and pressured her into signing a contract for a flat fee of $5,200. (They were suppose to take the truck to a weigh-station and provide the weight certificate before payment) Shop around, there are plenty of other movers out there.


  25. October 28, 2009 at 5:52 pm, pedro delgado said:

    I recently moved from New York to Fort Lauderdale and I found a great company by the name of Packing Service Inc or PackingServiceInc.com they came to my house on the time planned help packed all my belongings and also they were friendly and very professional, when speaking on the phone with the rep from the company they provided me with the important information i needed to prepare for my move.

    I also found some helpful information on move company scams at movingscam.info


  26. October 30, 2009 at 11:42 am, Kim Claudio said:

    Moving can be so scary I have experienced a horrible ordeal more than just a year ago when moving to a new home. I also own a business with over 25 employees and we needed to expand as our company was growing, i found a place bigger enough to grow with a growing business, i was very skeptical about calling an Moving company due to the fact of the experience and the scams that are going on, I was able to find a company by the name of Packing Service Inc or there site http://www.PackingServiceInc.com i spoke with a rep there whom was very professional who offered to come to my office to give an exact quote on helping us pack up our office and prepare us for the move he also referred me to a site that talks about moving scams http://www.movingscam.info which in return saved me a lot of money. I recommend this company anytime.


  27. February 14, 2010 at 10:10 am, Ami said:

    Just moved with them, bad mistake! Under quoted the move, showed up late, lied about why they were late, tried to get my stuff back (would pay for load & unload) but was told my stuff was already on the road. After a reweigh once they arrived (I met them at the truckstop & watched the reweigh, never let them out of my site on the way to & from my storage unit, and watched the unloaded reweigh) weight was off by 380 lbs (they had to refund that difference to me), boxes labeled fragile were crushed under heavy boxes, furniture had holes. It was pouring rain and my boxes got soaked, and my stuff was moved in to a storage unit so I could not unpack everything right away so I still have not seen all the damage.
    Will NEVER use them again! For the time it took, the headaches, the damaged stuff, the move cost me so much more than taking extra time off work and driving a uhaul! At least I would have saved a few thousand and would still have my stuff in one piece.


  28. February 17, 2010 at 7:11 pm, what a mistake said:

    What a mistake! Showed up 5 hrs late, lied about why they were late, all my stuff was packed and ready to load, but they insisted on wrapping my tv for a charge of $30. So much paperwork that they tried to rush me through (it was late in the evening already and the paperwork took forever),
    Oh, forgot, the showed up in a uhaul with no weigh ticket. They said they would go weigh the truck, unload it and then reweigh it. well….the next morning they showed up with weigh tickets that floored me. the weight was over double what I had been quoted for my move. (I did add a few boxes, but not 2500-3000 lbs) I asked for them to return my stuff and i would pay for the load and unload, only to be told my stuff was already on the road.
    I demanded a reweigh, and when the truck arrived in my town I met them at a truck stop and watched the weigh. I never took my eyes off them when they followed me to my storage and unloaded, and went back to reweigh. The weight was off by 380 lbs. They tried to tell me the scales must be off (they are federally regulated scales, they make sure to tell you that when you are thinking of using them) so they can not be off! They had to give me my money back right there (they wanted to send me a check….yah right, so I could here…the checks in the mail)
    LOTS of stuff broken. boxes crushed that were labeled “fragile”. equipment and furniture ripped.
    It was the costliest move I have ever had.
    Oh, and i had to keep calling to find out when my stuff would arrive. I found out the day they arrived in my state. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!


  29. April 16, 2010 at 3:30 pm, RH said:

    I HATE This company and I Just went to the BBB and was shocked to see the A- rating. This company is a really bad company and it should be taken to task. I suggest that people not go to them at all. I was charged $2000 for an international shipment and once it got there the FED_EX over in that company held my things at ransom for over a month until we paid hem $400 more. We were NEVER told of this before and when I called the “Rep” he told me that I was INFORMED of this (which I was NOT). This same Rep who was oh so polite turned into a monster…Rude, Spoke in Monotones and Started Yelling (Literally) as if I was at fault. Finally realizing that I was not going to win I paid the said amount and had my things released only to find out a LOT of Damage. I tried getting Insurance that I had Paid EXTRA for but was not helped there too.I lost a LOT in this move. All in all,White Glove Shipping is A VERY UNETHICAL Company and I never speak up but I feel like I had too this time.


  30. August 05, 2010 at 1:12 pm, george said:

    call came restricted person said number said white glove movers when i asked why restricted they hung up spookey


  31. September 15, 2010 at 12:13 am, MsWoods said:

    Very similar experience with Moving & Relocation, Inc located in Hackensack, NJ. Was quoted $240 which turned into $480 and then by the end of the move it was $1315! It is out of sheer luck that I had the money available to pay at the time or my household items would of been GONE. Trying to start up a lawsuit and we now have 4 people and need 16 more. If you have had a similar experience with this company PLEASE send an email to [email protected]


  32. December 08, 2010 at 3:40 am, Stella said:

    Complete Joke – don’t believe these reviews…they were probably written by each person that works there. White Glove Movers is horrible.
    I did a lot of research but stupidly listening to the positive reviews…biggest mistake.
    It started off badly when the driver took over an hour to fill out paperwork, that he wanted me to sign, with a different estimate than was submitted and discussed weeks prior to the move. The original estimate total was 7100 lbs, based upon a submitted inventory list by me…his estimate ‘based upon experience’ was 8900 lbs. I refused to sign it and we had to call the main office to deal with this. I never did sign it.
    From the onset, they appeared to be novice at best in their approach. No team work at all…the temporary workers they called in, told me directly, this move should have taken no more than 5-6 hours at best, since so much was boxed up…it was basically moving items and totaled <25 boxes for them to pack. They showed up at 11:10 (although I was advised earlier in the week it would be 8-10 a.m. but driver changed the time the night before to 10-12). From 11:10 – 12:15, driver spent time writing up ‘his estimate’ of the move 8900 lbs. From 12:15- 12:35, we dealt with corporate office. Two temporary workers showed up at 1:30 and with no direction provided by White Glove movers to the workers, they stood around a lot at the beginning and throughout the day. Did I mention they took smoke breaks??! At 3:00, driver said he would like me to have Chinese lunch delivered for them (no place delivered so I had to get it for them). Ordered at 3:45, returned at 4:30, they ate lunch until at least 5:15…then started packing again….left at 9:40 with only ¾ of what needed to be moved and had to return to pick up the rest. (3 days later, when I had already moved! And wasn’t on site to oversee anything.)
    Final documents I received from the weight 6940 lbs……under what was estimate and nowhere near the 8900 lbs. the ‘professional driver/mover gave me’. What a waste of time to write up the additional paperwork up!!!!
    They trashed my house with rolls of wasted tape all over it (we counted in excess of 30 rolls just thrown all over the floor), they left pictures still on hanging on walls, ignored items still left in closets, left boxes in bathrooms (mind you 90% of the house was already packed up!), left items in rooms, selectively decided what they wanted to take and were completely unprofessional. My housekeeper that was with me on site was also shocked at how they spoke with me on site and the mess they left.
    They had to come back to my residence and pick up a 2nd load because they left so much behind…thankfully they did that without an extra cost.
    I have yet to receive an inventory list (requested several times) or my items delivered yet (just requested) and I have no idea what the items will looks like when they finally delivery it (if I even get them all back!).
    As soon as I had problems, I called the office and the ‘great’ salesman that worked with me, no longer wanted to talk with me and immediately passed me off to the person who ‘deals with problems’. Who apparently was dealing other customers because it took about 6 calls to get anyone to call me back, at which point he said ‘he was dealing with another ‘situation’.
    Terrible decision on my part. NEVER use White Glove Movers! I am so upset that move has turned out so badly. NEVER AGAIN.


  33. May 10, 2011 at 10:38 am, adrian said:

    White Glove Movers moved us from NJ to Florida in Nov. 2010. We were given a moving quote of $3,500. By the truck pulled up in FL we were told the move was over $5,000. White Glove Movers seems to low ball the cost of the move so that you sign on with them. The truck did not arrive until several days later than promised. One box was soaking wet and 3 boxes were not accounted for. Furniture was scratched/broken and hardware on a armoiur was broken off. A table was also missing at first, until I went on the truck and saw my table stacked with another order. Many items in the boxes were broken even though they were packed sufficiently by us. We filed a claim with White Glove Movers insurance company. We paid for a furniture repair person to give us an estimate of the damage as requested by the insurance company which we submitted. The insurance co. will not address the 3 missing boxes. After making numerous calls in the last 5 months I was told by the insurance company that the items broken in the boxes are not covered because boxes were self-packed.. We were told that there is a federal law that movers are not responsible for items that were not packed by the movers. I am investigating if there is such a law. I would NEVER recommend White Glove Movers to anyone.


  34. April 03, 2012 at 9:59 pm, andy said:

    My daughter and her husband just got screwed by White Glove when the truck came a day late and they couldn’t load everything up in one trip as they said they would and then they went and took everything OFF the truck and put all their furniture back in the house. Then they would not answer their phone when my daughter tried to get their deposit back. They had to call the BBB which in itself is a scam organization too. Then they contacted the credit card company to stop any further payment to White Glove.


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    I simply could not disappear altogether your website just before suggesting i essentially liked the usual info somebody contribute towards your invited guests? Will be all over again typically to be able to look into cross-check new blogposts


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