What’s in Store for 2015?

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Thinking about giving your apartment a new look for the New Year? Check out what’s rumored to be hot in the way of color and design in 2015.


Having personal items throughout your rooms gives the apartment an individual character. Not only will you have something lovely to look at every day, you won’t have a cookie cutter chain store place to live. It’s all about character – give your home some with photos, inspiring pieces of art, books, travel mementos and more.

Shake it Up

Combine something classic with something contemporary. Or add some industrial touches to your shabby chic. Having one style throughout a room, or worse your entire apartment, can be dull. If you have a preferred style, jazz things up with a piece from another era. This could be an awesome chair, piece of art or funky side table.


Taking an old piece of furniture and making it into something new is always popular among thrifty crafty types. Let your imagination run wild with what you already have in your room, or spend an afternoon checking out the goods in a local charity shop. Bring it home and have fun! It keeps money in your wallet and still usable items out of the landfill. The uniqueness of the item will give appeal to your whole room.

Au natural

Bring your home to life with elements inspired by, or directly from, nature. Plants are the most obvious, but look also to incorporate some pieces made from natural materials, perhaps a bamboo rug or a rustic wood coffee table or bench. Glass works well as table tops because the ability to see through it gives the illusion of more space and light. Not only do the colors of these materials go with everything, they work well together and your space will have a fresh feel all year round.


Mediterranean blue. The easiest way to incorporate this color is to use it for kitchen or dining room chair cushions. If you really love it, it stands great on its own, or can be added in small doses to a more neutral toned room for some splashes of color. Warm and inviting, olive can be a beautiful accent color, blending so well with other hues. Inspired by nature is a popular design theme and olive fits perfectly. Look for floral prints featuring this earthy green. Grey has been the hottest neutral for a while now, and shows no sign of losing steam. It can be a cool color when paired with Mediterranean blue or warm when combined with olive tones.


If you are bold, incorporate some geometric patterns into your look. Go all out by painting loose chunky stripes on your walls, or hanging up some curtains. A bit more cautious would be a few throw pillows for the couch or a new bedspread. The shapes will bring energy and a feeling of movement into the space. Graphic prints are another option which look especially nice as art or on pillows.

The key words for styling your home in 2015 are versatility, tranquility and personality. Have a beautiful New Year!

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