What You Can Do if You Suspect the Use of Illegal Substances in Your Apartment Building

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If you are renting an apartment and suspect the use of illegal substances, there are many options to take. Taking steps against illegal substances on the grounds of the apartment complex can be scary, but it is necessary for the safety of yourself and other tenants. With the presence of drugs being at the property brings more corruption, violence and danger to the complex. Here are a few options when faced with this kind of situation.

Property Manager

If your landlord lives off the property site, he is probably unaware of all situations. While he may require the help of the property manager to act as eyes or ears, certain things might be missed. If the manager is involved in the illegal substance usage, than it is up to someone else to inform him of the situation. If you feel as though the property manager is trustworthy and not involved, informing that person of your suspicions is the first step in rectifying the situation.

Landlord or Owner

If you either don’t feel comfortable contacting the property manager or your complaints have not panned out, then it is time to go a step higher on the ladder. Call and set up an appointment time to visit with either the landlord or the owner of the building. Very likely he will take your complaints more seriously. As a landlord or owner, he will want to protect the integrity of the apartment and to keep the reputation in good standing. By bringing your concerns to him about what you feel is going on, who you think is involved, and any proof that you have will will show him that you are have strong reasons to be concerned and will likely treat your concerns very seriously.

The Police

If no other avenue stops the problem, than the next place to turn would be the local police. Just the police showing up and checking around might be enough to end the problem. Maybe if the police will drive by once or twice a week for extra surveillance, the people with the drugs will move on to another location.

While this kind of problem might be scary to face, but doing something is always better than doing nothing at all.

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