What to Pack When Moving Away for College

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What to pack when moving away for college is an important question for most incoming freshman. A move to a college dorm usually requires downsizing and smart packing is a must. Once a room is organized, it allows any student to more clearly focus on school and other activities. There are a few basic essentials that will keep any new student organized and ready for dorm life. 

Use Storage Pieces

With limited space, storage solutions are key to making a dorm room comfortable and spacious. Crates can be used to store books and folders and will help reduce clutter by keeping everything in one place. They can also be stacked in order maximize space. Bed Bath & Beyond has several types of crates in a variety of colors to not only help you get organized, but also liven up your dorm room.

Another investment piece is a hanging file folder because you can store important documents and papers. To add some personality to a room, try the dry erase, bulletin board combo because you can give your friends and roommates status updates and reminder notes. You’ll also be able to post pictures, important numbers and menus.

Bring Closet Solutions

With an organized closet, you’re more likely to keep things off of the floor and in their correct place. Save your closet space with felt hangers as they take up half the size of regular ones. Over the door shoe organizers are great because they not only store shoes, but they also can be used for keeping accessories, jewelry, belts, laundry items and toiletries in one place.

Another room essential is an over the door coat hanger. Aside from storing jackets, it can be used for hanging up everything from umbrellas, sweatshirts and hats. For a quick view of your wardrobe, try a sweater hanger that can store over 10 sweaters and multiple shirts.

Laundry can be a dreadful thing in the midst of long nights of studying. Being prepared for this chore, can make doing laundry a bit easier. A mesh hamper keeps clothes organized in a closet and is also easy to transport to a laundromat. Other laundry goodies include a deodorizing spray such as Febreze, a stain stick and a roll of quarters to get you through multiple loads.

Pack Seasonal Clothes

It may be tempting to pack every article of clothing in your room to college, but with limited space, you’ll have to edit what makes the cut. Many schools have a fall break that marks the change in season. This may be the time to swap our your summer clothes for winter ones. It’s also good to bring a mix of casual, dress up and comfortable study clothes as you’ll probably be involved in a lot of social and academic activities.

Moving away for college is fun and exiting time in a young adults life. Having an organized dorm and knowing what to pack can help make your life organized. Try putting these essentials on your college room checklist so you can focus on school and fun!

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