What to Look for When Evaluating Self Storage Companies

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When it comes time to find space for their personal possessions, Americans rely a great deal on self storage companies. Whether it’s for emptying an estate home, or providing for an interim storage option in a move, many thousands of us use self storage companies on both a short-term and long-term basis.

Even those who are using moving truck options and hiring moving storage companies for a direct move may keep some of their belongings in a self storage space. In any situation where you’re looking for self storage companies, it’s important to be what to tell which ones present the best options for stowing your goods. Here are some telltale signs of good self storage companies.

Convenient Location

For any long-term self storage, it’s going to be important to be able to access the site on a regular basis. Finding local self storage companies is key to a good long-term strategy.


A tour walk through a facility can show you how clean the offered interior spaces are. Pick the best companies that offer a clean environment for your possessions.

Mold Prevention and Abatement

Inspect walls and ceilings visually for signs of mold or other decay, including rust. The best self storage companies keep facilities well-maintained to really protect their customers’ items.


A self storage customer should look at rates, not just on a flat fee basis, but over the specific term that he or she wants to store items. A low per-month fee might be good at the outset, but if a self storage company ratchets up that price after a certain period (six months, one year, etc.), the self storage option can turn expensive and create a huge hassle for those who haven’t plan to follow up on their storage situation at that time. That’s why you need to plan for the rates you want long term, to prevent unpleasant surprises. The best storage companies will be up front about the rates they charge, rather than offering introductory “teaser” rates that spike after a certain period of time.

Storage Policies

Customers will also want to choose self storage companies that offer clear, reasonable guidelines for what can be stored in their units. All self storage companies have to have standards for items, including restrictions on explosives, toxins, perishables and much more. But lack of clarity in these instructions can lead to some misunderstandings about storage, and before you move all of your items into your space, you want to make sure you’re on the same page with the company.

Unit Size and Access

You’ll also want to make sure the local self storage company has a specific sized unit that fits your collection of items. Ask up front about access to the space to determine whether or not you can get a first floor space that won’t involve walking up and down stairs with your goods. Some multilevel storage facilities will have elevators to assist you.

Think about all of the above when looking for the best self storage companies to help you manage all of your household possessions during a move or other transition.


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