What to Look For in a Community Pool

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Many apartment communities or other residential neighborhoods boast a community pool as a means to attract new tenants. While a pool can be a great amenity, you may find that its cleanliness, or lack thereof, and other aspects may deter you from using it. Before including the presence of a pool in your decision of where to live, consider its usability, safety, location and cleanliness.

The Pool’s Cleanliness

A community pool is open to every resident of the apartment complex. The extensive use means it must be cleaned more regularly than a private pool. When being shown the community pool, consider how clean it looks. The pool’s water should be clear and moving freely, its filters should be operating and there should be no grime on the pool’s edge or steps. An unclean pool is an unusable pool.

Community Pool Safety

A safe pool should have warnings along its sides and multiple safe sets of stairs. Depth and dive warnings should be visible and easily read and the pool’s stairs should be firmly affixed to the side of the pool. Also check the pool’s walking area to make sure that it is not slippery.

The Community Pool’s Location

You are unlikely to use a pool located at the other side of the complex or one which is in the middle of a loud area, such as next to a highway. When inspecting the pool, consider where it is located in relation to your residence and in the complex as a whole, you might find that its undesirable location makes it unusable.

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