What is the Average Moving Cost of Moving to a Foreign Country?

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The average moving cost to a foreign country varies depending on the distance your belongings will travel, the type of transportation used and the port fees in the country of destination. Additionally, the precise price per cubic foot that a moving company charges differs. Below is the costs that will comprise the average moving cost to a foreign country.

Port Fees

Most international moves are done by boat rather than air. Both the point of origin and point of destination of your belongings will charge port fees for loading, unloading and docking the boat that contains your goods. These fees change depending on the amount of business done the day that your goods are delivered, the speed with which they are delivered and the country itself. These fees will be calculated by the moving company and included in your move.

Customs Fees

Depending on your move, the country of destination may charge customs fees. The country of origin might also charge fees, but this is less typical. The amount of these fees varies depending on the country and the size of your move. The moving company should help you estimate these fees and include them in their estimate.

Unloading and Delivery Fees at Destination

The country of destination will charge separate port fees for unloading and docking the boat on which your goods were transported. Additionally, a separate moving company will need to be engaged to deliver the items to your new, foreign residence. Most times, this second moving company will be arranged by the company hired in the country of origin. This fee will be included in the moving company’s estimate.

Cubic Feet Used

International moving companies charge based on the amount of cubic foot your move consists of. However, international moves are not regulated by the government and the price per foot cost changes depending on the amount, value and size of your goods. Because of this, each company changes the amount they charge for individual moves. It is therefore impossible to know the exact cost of your move until a moving company representative inspects your belongings.

The calculation for the per-cubic foot cost is a combination of all of the above mentioned charges as well as a currency adjustment. Because of this, the amount per cubic foot will be set by the company representative.

Packing and Supplies

For security reasons, a moving company packs and loads your belongings, creating an additional cost that is not normally included in the per cubic foot calculation. While this is easier for you, it also means that you are paying for the supplies needed to safely move your goods. Fortunately, you would incur this cost even if you were packing the goods yourself, as boxes, tape and other items are necessary for any move. The moving company will include this cost in their estimate. Depending on the fragility of your goods and what is needed for their safe, intact arrival, this cost will vary.

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