What is a Roommate Prenup?

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A roommate prenup is also known as a roommate agreement. This agreement is a written document signed by all the roommates sharing an apartment. Even if you decide to share an apartment with your closest friend, you should consider drafting this agreement so there’s written evidence to back any dispute that may occur.

What a Roommate Prenup Document Should Contain

The document should contain particulars about household chores, the amount of rent to be paid by each tenant, who has to make the various utility payments, who cleans up the apartment and how often, and the notice period to be given before any roommate moves out.

Several others things could also be mentioned in this document like the terms and conditions regarding guests staying over, how the grocery bill is settled and who gets to stay in which bedroom. It’s also best to write down how disputes will be settled in a fair manner.

Making the Roommate Prenup Legally Binding

In order to make this document legally binding, all the roommate must sign it and have an exact copy. The document should be drafted only after you and your roommates have discussed all issues and have come to an agreement on everything to be included.

If you plan to share the apartment with your best friend you should address the topic about drawing a prenup agreement in a sensible way. Make sure you tell your friend that the agreement will protect the rights and interests of all roommates living in the same household.

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