What Information Does a Standard Rental Application Require?

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Whether you’re looking to rent for the first time, or just need a quick refresher, you can save yourself time and energy by knowing some of the basic types of information you’ll need in order to complete a standard rental application.

Basic information

Most of the basic information you’ll need for your tenant application will most likely already be stored in your head. This will include your name, social security number and your current contact information. On the other hand, information that may not be stored in your head can include your driver’s license number, work phone numbers and previous addresses for the last five or so years.

Income/Employment Verification

Your landlord will need proof of your income in order to determine your ability to pay your rent. Information you’ll be asked to provide can include your monthly wage amount, how often you get paid, your occupation and how long you’ve worked for the company. You’ll also need to provide an address and phone number for your supervisor or for someone in the human resources office of your company who can verify the information you provide.

If you have other sources of income that will help you make rent, such as child support, settlement payments or income from self-employment, it will benefit you to give information about these things as well. If you’re self-employed, you may need to provide an income statement or tax records in order to verify how much you make.

Rental History

Past rental information shows your potential landlord that you have good payment history with your previous landlords. It can also show whether or not you’ve had evictions or other negative rental issues. You’ll need to list the name, address and phone number of your previous landlord(s) as well as your previous rental address, how long you lived at the address, the amount of rent you paid and the reason you left.

If you’re renting for the first time, you may be able to substitute personal references for rental references. This may consist of contact information for your parents, a teacher or someone else who can vouch for your ability to effectively maintain your apartment and pay your rent.

Credit Check

Some landlords may require your credit history. This will require you to provide information on the number and the types of credit accounts you hold, as well as the amounts you’re required to pay each month. This may include credit cards, auto loans, personal loans or other such accounts. Information about collection accounts or bankruptcies you’ve occurred will also need to be listed.

Additional Requirements

Additionally, you may be required to supply information about the vehicle you plan to keep on the premise, other occupants that will be living in the apartment and pet information if you plan to have a pet in the apartment. Some high-end apartment rental agreements may require you to list criminal information and the landlord may perform a background check as well. Specific additional requirements will of course depend on your potential landlord.

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