Vacation Condos For Rent: Turning a Few Weeks Into a Few Years

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You’ve decided that you no longer want to just visit your favorite vacation destination and it’s time to consider turning those few weeks you spend at vacation condos for rent into a few years. There are a number of things to consider as you look into the possibility.

Check to See If That Condo Is Available

If you’re particularly attached to the vacation condos for rent that you’ve previously stayed in, remember that those condos are often booked for much of the rest of the year for other vacation residents. You may not be able to rent your exact same condo for a period of several years, so speak with the landlord about availability of that and other units. If you can’t have the vacation condos for long periods and you have to look elsewhere, it may be difficult for you to break your contractual obligations to rent the vacation condo several weeks per year and you could be stuck with fees to break the contract. See if the fees will cost you more in the long-run than continuing to pay rent for those weeks. You can always invite a friend to stay there.

Vacation Condos May Not Be the Best Deal

Vacation condos for rent are typically marketed for people who stay several weeks or months. The rental price may be cheaper than staying in a hotel, but it may prove much more than typical condo rental fees in the area if you’re staying long-term. If you’re planning on staying years, you may as well look into residential condos, which could be cheaper to rent by the year.

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