Typical Utility Costs in Cleveland

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Utility costs in Cleveland are, fortunately, on par with the cost of living in the city. Gas, water and other bills that must be paid on a monthly basis will increase what a resident must spend to live comfortable, but not by much.

Cable and Internet

Like most Ohio cities, Cleveland’s cable bills are managed by the main cable company and are, therefore, somewhat non-negotiable. Basic cable service costs a little under a $100.00 per month, but special channels such as movie channels are charged separately and will increase this cost.

Internet and phone service are also offered by the cable company. High-speed Internet often costs approximately $40.00 per month and phone approximately $25.00 per month for both local and long distance calling. The Cleveland cable company charges both a startup fee and a deposit, although the deposit is usually only charged to customers with no history with the company or with poor credit.

Gas Bills

In the majority of the Midwest, including Cleveland, builders have the option of using gas or electricity for appliances. A combination of both can also be used. As such, there is no way of knowing whether the stove and water heater operate through gas without seeing the residence. If gas is used, the average cost per month is approximately $20-30.00. If the local gas company charges a startup fee it is normally quite low, approximately $5 to $10.

Electric Bill

Because Cleveland often experiences quite cold winters, electric bills in the winter months can be quite expensive. The need to run heat for six months or more of the year can easily make an electric bill higher than $100.00. On the upside, Cleveland also experiences rather mild summers, making it possible for windows to be opened rather than running the air conditioning. Therefore, summer electric bills could be less than $60 to 75.

Electric bills, though, also include the costs of running appliances and other electric uses. These additional expenses may increase an electric bill by as much as $20.00 per month, depending on the resident’s usage.

Moreover, Cleveland electric companies require residents to put down a deposit and pay a startup fee for electric services. The startup fee is non-refundable or avoidable, but deposits may be waived if the resident has good credit or may be used towards the last month’s electric bill.

Water Bill

Water charges in Cleveland are quite inexpensive. A single resident in a small home can expect to pay an average of $15.00 per month. This amount will increase depending on the size of the family and the amount of water usage. Water bills also include sewage and treatment charges.

Snow Removal

One overlooked charge for Cleveland residents is the cost of wintertime snow removal. Even in apartments, this cost may be assessed and included in the tenant’s rent. The cost of snow removal is often a set fee and does not depend on the amount of snowfall Cleveland actually receives. The average monthly cost for snow removal on private property can be as much as $100.00.

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