Two Situations a Landlord May Request a Letter of Employment

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While a credit check is usually enough, a landlord might require a letter of employment. While this may be an uncommon practice, a landlord might require additional information regarding income. He has the right to be sure monthly rent can be paid punctually. There are two main reasons why a landlord might require a letter of employment. By having to provide these letters, the landlord will be confident in renting the apartment unit out.


Many people are self-employers, meaning that they don’t work for a company, they work for themselves. Examples of this could be construction work or an in-home care aide. They set their own hours and have many different people they have done work for. A landlord might want to see previous letters of employment as well as the current work being completed. This will just reinstate that there is money coming in, and that it is probably that money will be earned in the future.

Freelance Work

While this is similar to self-employment, a freelance worker set his own hours and work is usually completed via Internet. This is a unique job allowing the person to be able to work from home. Since the landlord would want to verify work and income, a number and address should be provided to the landlord proving verification of employment. Being upfront about your job may be an honest thing, it may not make him real comfortable. It is understandable that he would want verifiable proof of employment.

Will taking extra steps to prove yourself to the landlord, if you have one of these kinds of jobs, be prepared to have the letters of employment requested by the landlord. He is just looking after his business, and he might feel much better renting to you with some verifiable proof of being able to pay the monthly rent.


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  1. March 16, 2010 at 1:25 pm, Noadi said:

    This was a problem I ran into with my apartment search (found out today it’s over!) because I’m self-employed as an artist/designer. Some just didn’t want to deal with me at all because my income can vary widely from month to month. I got lucky and will be renting from fellow artists who understand how income fluctuates for artists.


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