Two In One: Adding a Muphy Bed Desk to Your Apartment

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A Murphy bed desk can be used as a both bed and a desk. It can be easily installed with simple tools and looks like a study area that’s attached to a cabinet. You can pivot the study area away and bring down the cabinet wall when it’s time to sleep. Everything on the desk remains in its place and when the bed is folded up into the cabinet, it’s not visible.

A Murphy Bed Desk In Your Apartment

It’s a great idea to install a Murphy bed desk if you live in a studio apartment and are in need of more space. This bed serves a dual purpose, is queen sized and can house a computer, a desk area and a bed in a limited space. Some Murphy bed desks also incorporate a closet and are great at providing storage space, workspace and sleeping space.

The Murphy bed desks available today are versatile pieces of furniture that are attractive and can be used for multiple purposes. When the bed is lowered, all the items on the desk such as the computer, the table lamp, your books and your music system, remain at level on the desk that goes beneath the bed. These items of furniture can hold mattresses as well as bedding. Hence, by installing a Murphy bed desk, you can turn your apartment into an office during the day and a bedroom at night. The closet area can be used to store clothes. The price of a Murphy bed desk can vary from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on the size of the bed, whether it has to be fitted or is ready to install, and whether it is custom made or not.

A Murphy bed desk is an innovative way of providing maximum functionality while conserving precious space.

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