Truth in Advertising: What Makes an Apartment

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Every landlord defines a “luxury apartment” differently. Identifying an apartment as luxury is a ploy to attract high-paying tenants and, more so, raise the monthly rent. First and foremost, most luxury apartments are relatively new, meaning they were built within the last five to seven years. Refurbished apartments are not considered luxury unless they were completely gutted and rebuilt without regard for the original layout. Regardless of the leeway in defining an apartment as “luxury”, however, there are a few things that are commonly thought of as included in a luxury apartment.

A Concierge

A concierge is the most important factor in whether an apartment is luxury. A concierge that is available 24 hours a day to assist residents is almost always present in a luxury apartment. If a landlord boasts that a concierge is on the premises for tenant use, ask the number of hours the concierge is actually on the property and the parameters of his or her job. If the concierge will do anything from calling you a taxi to arranging for a cleaning service for your apartment, chances are likely that the apartment actually is luxury.

The Age and Appearance of Appliances

The more recent and higher quality the appliances in an individual apartment, the more likely it is that the apartment is luxurious. Stainless steel and modern appliances are typical in a luxury apartment, as is a stainless microwave and refrigerator. A refrigerator with an easy-dispense water and ice spout on the front is also an indication that the apartment is a higher end apartment.

Room Size

Believe it or not, but luxury apartments often have fewer, but larger rooms. Many luxury apartments have open living/dining/kitchen spaces that blend into each other. Bedrooms in these apartments tend to be more spacious to accommodate larger beds or bigger furniture. Small, choppy rooms indicate that an apartment is older and therefore not luxurious. However, note that bathroom size and number of closet space are not usually included in the “larger” category. These rooms often stay the same size, meaning they are smaller than other spaces, because they are used less.

The Number of Windows

A luxury apartment will also have a large amount and bigger sized windows than other apartments. In fact, most luxury apartments will have at least one or two large windows in each room, except for bathrooms. A window in a bathroom is a major indication that the apartment is luxurious. Also, these windows should be provided with window coverings. While window coverings more often than not come in the mini-blind form, luxury apartments might have higher-end window treatments such as wood blinds or shutters.

Modern Wiring

In addition to being relatively newly built, a luxury apartment will be wired to handle high-speed cable and Internet in almost every room. Additionally, these apartments may be pre-wired for wireless Internet and cable. This wiring is an indication of a luxury apartment because shows that the landlord anticipated the cable needs of higher-paying tenants. Wiring in unusual places, such as beneath countertops or in hallways, indicates that the apartment is luxurious.

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