Transform Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Spa

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Bathrooms are low on space and often not the spa-like refuge many seek for relaxation. Although it may seem that the tiny cluttered space will always be a mess, there is a way to transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa by adhering to some bathroom interior design tips.

Get Rid of Old Products

Bathrooms naturally collect old, half-used and forgotten products. Get rid of them! Only keep the products used daily, and forget about the rest. For things, such as curlers, that are used rarely, consider putting them in a box at the top of a bedroom closet. Make-up is especially overlooked, and it is one of the most important things to toss out. Makeup older than a year can have bacteria growing in it, and it should be thrown away without regret.

Get Some New Towels

If the towels hanging from the bathroom towel bar are stained, ratty at the edges or just mismatched, time to replace them! Donate them to a local animal shelter or use them around the house as cleaning rags. Replace them with soft, absorbent towels in crisp white or a favorite and inspirational color such as spa blue. The smaller the bathroom, the more important it is to have beautiful new towels hanging in sight.

Give it a Deep Clean

Nothing is as distracting as dirt in the bathroom! Get all those nooks and crannies sparkling clean. An old toothbrush is perfect for getting in those tiny spots, such as behind the faucet. Try earth friendly bathroom products such as Method cleaners. It will smell better, and you will be able to actually relax in that spotless bathroom!

Add a Soft, Plush Bath Mat

Adding something that feels wonderful underfoot will help add the zen spa quality to a bathroom. Try a mat made from sustainable materials, such as bamboo or organic cotton. Rubber backed bath mats can be nice if the floor is especially slippery. If your bathroom is consistently being used, consider using a hotel-style bath mat slung over the edge of the bathtub (and only used after showering). That way the mat will always be fresh for your feet.

Add Soft Touches

Getting small items for scents and picking the right lighting can make a big difference in setting the mood. Pick a candle that is pleasing in scent as well as color. If the towels are light blue, choose a bold dark blue candle. If the towels are crisp white, pick a candle that compliments some other color in the bathroom. Using a small candle frequently can de-stress someone quickly and easily. Also considering placing tea lights around window sills and the edge of the bathtub. Incense, bath salts or bubble bath soap add to the spa ambiance.

Hang an Inspirational Picture

To create a relaxing environment, pick a beautiful picture or painting and hang it on the wall in the bathroom. If art or pictures don’t feel thoughtful enough, use a favorite poem or quote printed on nice paper and framed. Inexpensive frames can be bought for as little at $9 at IKEA or Target.

The bathroom will be more of a retreat with something beautiful staring back at you, so decorate your bathroom appropriately and transform the space into a spa.

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