Top, Middle, or Bottom: Which Floor is Best?

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Whether you’re planning on moving into a high-rise or a low-rise apartment building, there are a lot of things to consider. One of those things should be which floor is best for you and your lifestyle: the top, middle, or bottom. A lot of people tend to prefer the top, but don’t realize the bottom floor has its benefits, too. Of course, there are far more floors in the middle to choose from, and those ones have pros and cons as well! So, the real question is which floor is best? Let’s take a look.

Top Floor Pros

Less Susceptible to Pests

Those who live on the top floor of an apartment building will have fewer pests like bugs and wild animals to deal with. Depending on how high the apartment is it’s quite likely most flying insects won’t be able to go up that high, and as far as animals go, it’s pretty safe to say most aren’t going to bother scaling the side of the building.

Less Chance of Theft/Crime

Living on the top floor is one of the many ways you can reduce the risk of having your apartment broken into or vandalized. Criminals ordinarily go after easy targets, and climbing up the side of a building is no easy task (neither is carting your stuff back down).

Less Noise

If having a quiet and tranquil home is important to you, you might want to live on the top floor. You will get much less noise from neighbors, considering there will be no one above you. Additionally, as long as your building has more than just two floors, you will have less noise from the street below to deal with.

Lower Heating Costs

Everybody knows that hot air rises. If you’ve ever lived in a home with more than one floor, or a top floor apartment, you’ve probably noticed that the higher you are in the building, the hotter it gets. This is great for keeping your heating costs down in the winter, especially if you live in a colder area.

Better View

A lot of people enjoy having a beautiful view, something that is usually only achieved at higher reaches.

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Top Floor Cons

Carrying Heavy Items

Moving heavy items and groceries, especially without an elevator, will be a lot more work if you live high up. My sister once lived on the top floor of a three-floor walk-up apartment building and just carrying her groceries up was a workout. If you have something heavy, like new furniture, to bring in or out of your apartment, it could be a quite the hassle.

Higher Cooling Costs

As we just discussed, hot air rises. While this is great for cold winters, it isn’t so great in the summer, particularly in areas that see fairly high temperatures. If you have AC, this will drive up your electricity bill as your unit has to work harder to keep up. And if you don’t, your apartment’s extra heat will just be something you have to live with.

Have to Be Quieter

When living on the top floor, you have to be respectful of those living below you. As I’ve learned from experience, this is not a good idea when you have young kids or a lot of visitors. Even if you’re generally a quiet person, you’ll have to consider the amount of noise everyone else makes.

Bottom Floor Pros

No Downstairs Neighbors

Since no one will be living below you, you won’t have to worry about being as quiet when moving around. You can dance if you want to, and your kids will be free to crawl across the floor without upsetting the neighbors!

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Carrying Things Inside

Carrying anything into your apartment in will be a lot easier if you live on the bottom floor. It might be worth considering a lower level apartment for moving day alone if you have a lot of heavy furniture.

Lower Cooling Costs

Opposite of living on the top floor, you will actually save money on your AC bill in the summer, since your apartment is likely to be a lot cooler on the bottom floor.

Faster Exit

In case there is ever an emergency, you’ll have a much faster exit living on the bottom floor. This is also good for saving time when rushing to work in the mornings. I’ve actually heard of people’s elevator rides taking half an hour in high-rise apartment buildings during “rush hour.”

Outdoor Space

While having a lovely view on the top floor is nice, some apartment buildings provide a bit of yard space and a sliding door on the bottom level, which can be great if you have a pet dog.

Bottom Floor Cons

More Susceptible to Pests

When you’re living on the bottom floor of an apartment you’re more likely to have to deal with wild animals and bugs compared to living on a higher floor.

Higher Chance of Crime

Living on the bottom floor makes your apartment a much easier target and therefore you’ll have to take extra precautions.

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More Noise

You’ll have to deal with neighbors living above you, as well as any noise out on the street.

Higher Heating Costs

Again, it’s the opposite living on the bottom floor compared to the top floor. So while you’ll likely save on cooling costs, you might have to pay higher heating bills in the winter.

Middle Floor Pros

Less Noise Than the Bottom Floor

If you live on the middle floor, you’re bound to have less street noise to deal with, as well as foot traffic in your halls, but you still get some of the same benefits of living lower in the building.

Consistent Bills

One nice thing about living on one of the middle floors is knowing your bills will remain fairly the same throughout the year. It won’t get too hot, or too cold, and that can make budgeting easier!

Not as Many Stairs

You won’t have as many stairs, or as far to go, as you would have living on the top floor. This could be a nice medium, as it will give you a chance to get some exercise without feeling like a total workout every time you have to do anything as simple as getting the mail.

Middle Floor Cons

Surrounded by Neighbors

When living on a middle floor, you’ll be completely surrounded by neighbors above, below, and likely beside you. That means you’ll have to listen to people walking above you, while also being conscious of how loud you walk around your place.

No Break in Bills

The top floor gets a break in their heating costs, while the bottom floor gets a break in their cooling costs. When you live on the middle floor, you won’t get any seasonal breaks unfortunately.

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