Top 5 Common Design Mistakes

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Design is all about personality and preference. How could anyone make a mistake with what they like? There are many ways your design scheme can go wrong, leading to uncomfortable, non-workable rooms. Check out these 5 common design mistakes. If you have made them (or had planned to!), we’ve also included a few alternate suggestions.

Going All White

Avoiding color is a definite no-no. Many people do, thinking they can’t go wrong with a neutral look. In some ways, that is true. But it’s also dull. You want an apartment that reflects you; and we doubt you are all vanilla! Buy (or recover) a chair with bright colors; hang a few paintings and toss some happy rugs on the floor.

Unfit Furniture

By fit, we mean fitting into the room. This goes both ways; your can have too large or too small pieces depending on the size of your room. The best way to avoid this is by measuring – both the room and the potential piece. Too big pieces will overwhelm a room; furniture that is too small will make it look empty, and may lead you to make up for the lonely vibe with needless pieces. You’ll also want to place items properly. Is there enough room for people to move around the furniture and comfortably interact with it?

Ignoring Lighting

This is huge, especially in a small room. The correct lighting is important for two reasons. It will give your rooms the ambience you want and make them function for you. If you work from home, you are going to need good lighting in your work area. Also consider the wattage on your light bulbs—softer is often better in the bedroom; higher watts are needed in the kitchen and bathroom. It is sometimes better to buy lamps specifically for each purpose. That way, you can ensure it will perform its job correctly, and it will fit in the space you have designated for it. Plus, floor and table lamps with artsy shades act as decoration.

No Curtains

Think the blinds the landlord put up are good enough? Not if you want a nicely decorated room! Hanging curtains is a super easy way to put some pizazz in a room. Choose interesting hardware and a color or pattern you like. Curtains can be expensive, but they can also be really cheap. Buying material yourself and draping it around the window frame is quick and easy. Curtains are also a place where you can be bold; trying out a radical color or design for some hanging fun. To make the room look larger; hang the curtain rod higher up on the wall above the window.

Wrong Rugs

Like curtains, rugs are a great way to jazz up a room, adding warmth and interest. But, you shouldn’t just toss them any ole place. You want your rugs to either be large enough so the furniture sits on top of it, or small enough that the furniture frames it. So putting a small rug under your coffee table is a great idea; if the entire coffee table sits on top of the rug. Most people end up with rugs that are too small. That mistake, and dropping a rug in an empty space will both look odd; a bit like you had a rug and didn’t know what to do with it.

Happy error-free decorating!

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