Tips For Filling Out a HUD Housing Application

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When filling out your HUD housing application, it is important to be thorough and provide evidence of your statements, particularly your income. Most HUD offices will assist you in your application and allow you to submit additional information upon their request to support your application. There are several tips that will help you complete the best application possible.

Provide Evidence with the Housing Application

Don’t just state how much income you make, provide the HUD office with physical evidence of it. This means giving HUD official pay stubs or tax returns as well as any other documents pertinent to your earnings and expenses. Also provide evidence for any child custody information or your support of an elderly parent. This information will be a factored into your application when completed. Not supplying this information could delay the processing of your application.

Be Honest

If HUD believes that you are not telling the entire truth about your income and need, it will deny your application. If you feel that something needs more explanation, provide information that will help the HUD officer to understand the situation. If, for example, your income barely qualifies you for HUD housing, explain why you are in need of housing assistance despite your higher than average applicant income.

Expect to Wait

Unfortunately, the HUD housing programs have long waiting lists. This means that even if you complete your application and are accepted, you may still have to wait a year or longer to receive a voucher or be offered a space in your city’s public housing. There is no guaranteed or proven way to move your application to the top of the stack, but proving extreme need may help.

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    I'm currently looking for a low income housing apartment at least two rooms for me and my 3 girls I am currently getting food stamps and cash assistance if there's any way they can contact me I will really appreciate it my name is Priscilla Medina and at the moment I'm living in a basement with 3 girls


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