Tips for an Easy and Stress-Free Move

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Moving apartments? “Stress-free” might not be the first thing (or the last thing) that comes to mind when getting ready to move, but following a few of the tips below can help you not only save money during your move but also better prepare you for the big day.


No need to waste money purchasing boxes; there are plenty of ways to get these for free at many of your local stores. The local liquor store or supermarket will typically have boxes on hand if you ask, or even your favorite retail location. Boxes from liquor stores also sometimes come with divider inserts that make it easy to pack up your delicate kitchen glasses or mugs. In most cases the boxes will also come pre-assembled and are sturdy enough to hold most of your household items, so it’s really a win-win.


You have a few options when it comes to moving. You might want to rent a truck and ask some able-bodied friends who will take repayment in pizza and beer to help you move on the big day. You can choose the size of your truck depending on how much you have, and your rental fee will be estimated by the mileage and number of hours that you use it. If you are short on pals to help you with the big move, start pricing out some movers. Depending on where you live this can get to be expensive, but the earlier you start digging the more time you have to find a better deal. Remember, don’t necessarily settle on the first quote – make sure you have an understanding of what the movers will provide for you and keep looking if you don’t get the price you want from the first vendor. Try an online quote site that will gather a couple of company quotes for you and enable you to choose the best mover for your needs. If you are moving locally, try to locate some movers in your town – less mileage means a cheaper price.


For a lot of us this is the most dreaded part of any move. It may be hard to start this process, but once you do you will find it is easy to keep your momentum. Pack up the things you don’t need first, such as items you rarely use or only use at a certain point during the year like holiday decorations or off-season clothes. This way you can save the items you use every day to pack up that last week before you move. Try to do a little bit each day leading up to the move so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Also make sure you are labeling what is in each box, even if it seems like a trivial detail – it will be 10 times easier when you are moving and unpacking to figure out where everything goes in your new home.

Clearing the Clutter

Moving is a perfect excuse to get rid of all of those things that you don’t use anymore or that you have simply put away and forgotten about over the years. Whether you are moving to a bigger space or a smaller one, throw out as much as you can. This may be hard for some of us that hang onto items for years, but give yourself enough time to go through your things and really consider if those old notebooks from high school or papers from college are something that you need to spend energy and time carrying over to your new place. Remember, you don’t need to throw everything away; you can donate old clothes or books that you are getting rid of and most places are happy to take them.

Be Frugal

A new apartment means lots of expenses right at the beginning of your move: security deposit, rent, possible realtor fee, moving fees. Think about where you can save money leading up to your move. Maybe you have a jar full of change that you have stashed away – consider cashing it just to give yourself something extra since you know that you will be crunched for a little while. Try to cook more at home and store some meals in the freezer just to get you through what might be a tight couple of weeks before and after the move. If you have old cell phones, computers or cameras that you no longer need, bring them to a repair store and see if you can trade them in for cash or even store credit. You would be surprised what kind of money you can get back for old items that you would typically throw away!

Although moving is a hassle, it doesn’t need to be awful. Thinking through some of the tips above and taking some time to plan out your move will help to ensure a successful and happy relocation. Good luck!

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  1. April 21, 2016 at 11:16 am, Tobias Armstrong said:

    I definitely agree that moving usually is pretty stressful. I also agree that movers can be a huge help. My brother tried to move across the country all by himself last year, and he ended up calling movers halfway through. Especially on long distance moves, the knowledge and professionalism of movers can make a huge difference in stress levels. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. January 26, 2017 at 9:33 am, Zequek Estrada said:

    I like the idea of basically turning the moving process into a giant gathering of friends. It would probably make a little enjoyable. However, I'm a bit hesitant because one of my neighbors injured his back while moving in his furniture. It's instances like that which make me think it's safer to hire moving services.


  3. March 13, 2017 at 3:36 pm, Luke Smith said:

    Thanks for pointing out that for many people renting a truck and gathering a gang of friends would be a good way for many people to handle their moves. I feel like the ability to rent a truck of whatever size you need could end up being the deciding factor for many people. If you do that way though it would probably be best to compare the prices of a few different companies instead of renting the first one you know about.


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