Three Low-Maintenance Flowers

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If flowers are wanted in the home, but nothing that is too time consuming, than consider these low maintenance flowers. These three kinds of easy to care for flowers require very little, and allow the rewards to greatly outnumber the work.

Perennial Flowers

The great thing about these flowers is that the bloom year after year. Once they are planted, they never need to be replanted. Plant it where it can have direct sunlight and plenty of soil, and then enjoy its beauty for years to come. Some examples of perennial flowers are:

* Black-Eyed Susans
* Red Valerian
* Hostas
* Bellflower
* Peonies

Prayer Plant

The marantaceae, mostly common know as the “Prayer Plant,” are indoor plants. These plants have green leaves that feature white and pink detailed markings. This plant received it name because at night, the leaves fold upward. This plant does fine in average lit apartments and can last up to 10 days without water. Trimming of the plant is required at least twice a year to keep the plant healthy and growing.


The marigold is part of the daisy family and is an easy to grow annual. The marigold is fast-growing and ranges from six inches to three feet tall. The flowers vary from yellow, orange and bronze. These flowers are easily grown in any soil. Just plant, and water. Not a lot of work is needed in the caring for the marigolds.

Selecting from these three different options will ensure that a pretty and very low-key flower be purchased. With not a lot of work involved, it will allow you more to enjoy them.

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