Four Factors to Consider when Moving into Your San Francisco Apartment

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There’s a number of factors to consider with respect to moving into a San Francisco apartment. Primarily, you’ll need to check out the city with regards to the type of moving companies, relocation services and city movers that can accommodate your needs. Keeping focused as to the best time to move your belongings as well as choosing the best movers for the job will make the whole process of moving to San Francisco less of a hassle and easier overall.

#1 – Consider What Specifically You’ll be Moving into Your San Francisco Apartment

Before you even determine which mover you’ll be selecting and obtaining price information, you’ll need to consider what specifically you’ll want to move into your new apartment, and if certain things are worth keeping. Typically, movers suggest that you get rid of anything superfluous that you haven’t used in the last year. Therefore, organize what you want to keep and move and what you want to either donate to a thrift store or eliminate.

#2 – Obtain a Number of Quotes or Estimates from Moving Companies

Once you’ve organized your belongings and you know what you want to move into your new apartment, you’ll need to contact a number of movers to obtain an estimate for moving your items to San Francisco. Keep in mind that some movers will charge you by weight, while others will determine the cost by the amount of space your belongings take up in their truck. In the instance of weight, the moving truck is weighed prior to the pick-up to obtain the tare weight and, again, after your items are loaded, for the gross weight.

Therefore, you are charged for the difference between the gross weight and tare weight, which is the net weight. If you’re moving from another city or from out of state, you’ll generally be charged by the net weight of your items. If you’re moving within the city of San Francisco, city movers will generally charge you by the hour.

#3 – Think About the Time of Day You’re Moving into Your San Francisco Apartment

After you’ve established which moving company you’ll be using, you’ll need to arrange a time for pick-up and delivery of your items. Try to schedule a time when the highways aren’t as congested. Usually, in the San Francisco Bay Area, a good delivery time is around 10:00 in the morning. If you can, try to schedule your move so you’re not transporting your items to your new apartment when commuters are on the way to their jobs or leaving for the day.

#4 – Consider How You’ll Facilitate Delivery

Once you arrive, you’ll also need to consider how best to move your furnishings and items into your apartment. San Francisco has a majority of buildings with steps. In addition, there are many streets with inclines. Therefore, think about parking for the moving van as well as any obstacles, such as steps, that could come into play. Also, make sure you have the payment, which will be due on delivery.

Keep the aforementioned factors in mind and you’ll be able to move into your San Francisco apartment with less stress and strain.

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