The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Relocation Company

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Hiring a relocation company for your next move requires you to let go of managing the moving process. You are essentially finding someone else, often a real estate professional, to manage the process for you. Agents of the relocation company take your information and requests for certain types of apartments, and use that knowledge find rentals for you according to your specifications. They will also develop a moving plan to get you into your new apartment. There are many benefits to using a relocation company, but there are pros and cons to hiring one that you need to consider.

Pros of Hiring a Relocation Company

More and more renters are utilizing apartment relocation companies to help them move and store their belongings, as well as find new places to rent. That’s because a relocation company can offer many benefits, including:

-Sale of your home
-Movers to pack and unpack your items
-Reliable moving vans and trucks to transport your things securely to your new location
-Storage of your personal belongings until you’re ready to move in or transfer them to your new place
-Help for relocating pets to your new destination
-Save time by letting a relocation company search apartment listings
-You may not be aware of move-in specials, but they will be and can offer those to you
-Access to apartment listings that are not easy to find, such as sublets or houses for rent
-You’ll have an agent in a location that you haven’t moved to yet, if you’re moving long distance
-An agent can schedule appointments on your behalf to view the apartment
-Assistance with renting furniture and appliances, such as a washer and dryer

Giving up this amount of control in the moving process is freeing to many who don’t want to be bothered with the details. If that’s you, then a relocation company is a great fit. For some, it’s challenging to sit back and have someone else take care of everything. If you prefer to be more hands on, then you should hire movers and/or apartment locators to manage certain aspects of the move. You will have other aspects of the move to manage yourself.

Cons of Hiring a Relocation Company

The benefits of hiring a relocation company are numerous, but there are cons that you should consider before making your decision. Some are:

-They use subcontractors for the move, mark up the costs, and you end up paying more than hiring the subcontractor yourself
-Risk that sub-contracted moving companies will damage or steal your items during transit
-Non-written estimates are subject to change, and they often do, resulting in higher charges than you expect
-Some agents do not handle problems well, and offer little help or resolution when problems arise
-Higher fees for selling a home than the commission of a regular real estate agent
-You may not receive your belongings on time, and you won’t get any guarantees on specific arrival times and dates

If you feel that the pros far outweigh the cons of hiring a relocation company, then it may be worth it to you to hire one. However, the high fees may stop you in the end, if you would save much more money by moving yourself.

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