The Pros and Cons of Choosing Local Movers

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Individuals involved in moving a household might be thinking about the difference between going with small local movers or large national chains. The choices that customers make affect their moving day quite a bit, and it’s a good idea to be thorough in thinking about how to choose companies for a relocation, and doing homework on the contractors and companies that are available. Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of going with local movers.

Pros of Choosing Local Movers

  1. Price – Smaller local moving companies can often offer lower rates than their large national rivals. This is especially important when the corporate employer of a managing head of the household is not paying for the costs of relocation. Often, when someone’s employer is paying for their move, they just hire the large national chain, banking on the established reputation of the mover. But when it’s the individual’s money, they may be looking to get cheaper moves from a smaller, local company.
  2. Local Savvy – Another big plus with local moving companies is that they know the area. Moving crews from these local shops are much less likely to spend time poring over maps or wrestling with the GPS. They can use their expertise on local roads to find the easiest ways to transport all of the household possessions involved in a move.
  3. Buying Local – Today’s “buy local” campaign has expanded to more than just the food industry—Americans everywhere are looking at the advantages of relying on local businesses rather than “outsourcing” their needs to services that operate nationally. Keeping your sights on local moving companies means that the money you pay goes back into your community.

Cons of Choosing Local Movers

  1. Less Equipment – Local moving companies are less likely  than big national chains to invest in some of the best equipment that makes moving much more efficient, such as hydraulic lift gates and specialized hand truck tools. That means that the smaller local companies may have some kinds of liability that the big guys don’t. Though most local movers know how to handle heavy freight, this is something to think about in evaluating a range of moving services.
  2. Less Organization – National moving companies are often models of professional design. Their intricate customer service and dispatch systems create smooth and efficient moves. Local companies tend to be a lot less organized, and the customer might find themselves dealing with a few more snags depending on what’s involved in their move and what kind of services they need.
  3. Limitations – While local companies may be great for a move across town, long distance moves may tax the limits of their operating capacity. Local companies may not be set up to drive and operate far from their base, making them a poor choice for some long distance moves.

The above considerations can help moving families determine when it’s a good idea to go with small, local moving services and when it’s better to choose large national chains. There are always other options, such as renting your own truck, and using portable storage containers to facilitate a move that relies on collective freight hauling. Think about all of the available options and choose those that match specific needs the best.

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  1. July 26, 2010 at 5:43 pm, Chris said:

    Good information, definitely presented an unbiased look at local movers, and as with anything there are benefits and costs when looking at types of movers. What would you suggest for a long distance, but interstate move?


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