The Pros and Cons of a Small Movers Service

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Small movers can often provide a very competitive price for moving a household across town or across the country. Other times, these same smaller companies can mean a lot of headaches for clients who did not research their choices very well. Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of going with a smaller moving company for a moving job.

Pros of Small Moving Service

  • Low Overhead – In many cases, the low overhead costs for a smaller moving company allow them to give clients much better prices than a corporate moving firm. Small moving companies have much less cost in terms of offices, advertising and additional staff. All of this means savings that these small companies can pass onto client households. This means that a smaller company can often be a really good deal for a move.
  • Flexibility – Any of the larger moving companies that households rely on have probably had to adopt somewhat inflexible company rules and regulations in order to deal with some of the extreme client situations they may have faced in the past. Smaller companies are less likely to have a barrage of policies and procedures in place, and the owners of these companies, who are ultimately more accessible to clients, may be willing to negotiate a lot more on some of the aspects of a moving job.

Cons of Using Small Movers

  • Less Human Resources Focus – Larger moving companies have dedicated human resources departments that screen staff and provide for training and safety instruction as well as customer service skills. Smaller companies might have none of this, and the quality of the moving crews sent to client homes may suffer as a result. When taking a chance on a small company, it’s good to do an additional bit of research to be sure you know who’s coming to your home on moving day.
  • Equipment – Some smaller companies may not be able to properly invest in equipment to make a move more efficient and more practical. Companies without access to hydraulic lift gates and other resources may be putting too much of a physical strain on their employees, and this can lead to many different kinds of accidents, damages and employee injuries that can make a move much more difficult.
  • Limitations – Some clients who may see their needs change will want national moving companies that can respond to any kind of challenge all across the country. Smaller companies may be limited in what they can provide to clients, and may not be able to adapt their operations as well to changes in the moving contract.

The above show some of the related risks and benefits of hiring one of the smaller moving companies to handle your relocation. Always think about how you can quickly evaluate all of the above aspects of a company to be sure that you are making the right choices about moving day. References and referrals from third parties or from those in your community can be an additional way to screen moving companies and contractors to get access to good choices for facilitating a move.

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  1. June 29, 2010 at 4:30 pm, said:

    This post is helpful in evaluating whether or not to use a small moving service or a national one. One of the benefits is that the cost may be much less, but one of the pitfalls is that smaller moving companies tend to bend the rules sometimes. One of the best ways to check up on a company is to contact the local Better Business Bureau of the region the company is located in. This is not a fool-proof way, but it can alert you if the company has had some problems in the past.


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