The Benefits of Dating Your Neighbor

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Dating a neighbor can be a very smart move. Your date certainly never has to go far to pick you up. People have been singing the praises of dating those nearby since long before Judy Garland sang its praises in her famous ballad, “The Boy Next Door” in “Meet Me In St. Louis.” Although it can have the potential downfall of many inevitable awkward moments if things don’t work out, the benefits of dating your neighbor far outweigh the risks. Some say that dating your neighbor is similar to actually living together, but there are things that are special to this unique situation.


You’ll likely to see much more of your love when you live in close proximity to each another. It’s like the complete opposite situation of a long distance relationship; you’re in short distance from one another. When you are dating your neighbor, it’s much easier to make time to nurture the relationship. A date can simply be walking next door with something to be cooked and drinks. It’s easier to stay out later on a date because you’re both going home to the same place, and you can always simply take one car.

Developing the Relationship

A romance is likely to blossom at a more rapid pace when one is just a stone’s throw away from her love. When you only have an hour between commitments, you can squeeze in some togetherness. When you are dating the person who lives next door, you can go visit when you get home at night even if it’s just to unwind or vent about the day. It’s easier to crash for the night on the sofa after a long talk if you only have to walk next door to get clothes for the next day’s activities.


Dating your neighbor encourages honesty. While you shouldn’t be dating anybody who would be untrue in the first place, it’s much easier to see what your date’s life is like when you live in the same building. If he tries to have front, it will be much easier to see through. It will become obvious if his lifestyle is different from the one you believe is right. While these things can be hidden in the early parts of most relationships, these things cannot be easily concealed from a neighbor like they would be if you were seeing someone in a long distance relationship.

Carefree Benefits

It’s much easier to loan your significant other things when you are the neighbor. Books and videos can be more easily loaned when you just can walk them over. It’s effortless, and it can be a simple, understated way to share the things that you love. It’s an important way that the two of you can get to know one another. It’s quite possible that one of you may think “Xanadu” is the best movie ever made, while the other prefers “Sordid Lives.” These compatibility issues are best dealt with early on in the relationship.

Long-Term Benefits

The close distance means that the process of moving in together will be easy if the two of you eventually end up living together or decide to get married. While it may seem small, the ease of merging your lives together across the hall is much easier than doing so when you have to come together across the city. This ease can be yet another blessing that can come into your life from the simply choice to give dating your neighbor a chance.


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