The Benefits of an Apartment Doorman

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An apartment doorman is a great advantage if you are lucky enough to have one. They play multiple roles in buildings where they are employed.

The Doorman’s Role in Apartment Safety

The primary role of an apartment doorman is safety. Your doorman watches the premises and monitors who comes and goes. When a visitor arrives to see you, the doorman calls your apartment to announce the visitor and ask you whether to let them in. This gives you an opportunity to screen visitors without having to speak to them yourself. As a neutral third party, your doorman can bar a visitor’s entrance, saving you the trouble of dealing with unwanted guests. In the event that someone is bothering you, your doorman can be instructed to never let them in. In addition, having a live person watch your building certainly makes it a less desirable place for criminal activity.

Package Delivery

One problem facing many apartment dwellers is the difficulty of receiving packages. Some packages require a signature in order to be delivered. Occasionally, delivery companies won’t leave packages in certain neighborhoods or multi-family buildings, for fear of theft. That’s when a doorman comes in handy. With your doorman available at the entrance of the building, there is always someone to sign for your packages and hold them in a safe place for you until you return home.

Resident Welfare

Another perk associated with a doorman is having someone at your building who knows all of the residents. A doorman is likely to notice if an elderly or disabled tenant hasn’t been seen, according to their normal schedule, and can check on them to make sure they’re all right. Should you have a personal emergency, your doorman can assist you in obtaining help, and if you lock yourself out, they can let you into the building.

General Assistance

Depending on your building’s rules, the doorman may be available to help you with daily tasks. For instance, when returning from vacation, the doorman may assist you in unloading your suitcases from a taxi and bringing them into the building. Likewise, after a shopping trip, they can assist you with loading shopping bags onto a cart for transport to your apartment.

Whenever you need a taxi, you can contact the doorman, who will call or hail a taxi for you. In urban areas, where taxis circulate around the city, it is often easier to hail them on the street than to call them on the phone.

Your doorman may be able to hold items for you until you return home. For example, if you’re going out to exercise and don’t want to carry your keys, you can leave them with the doorman, who will return them to you when you get back. Or, if you’re doing multiple errands and want to leave a bag in the lobby while you run across the street, the doorman can watch it for you.

While a doorman’s services provide good security for your building, the human element involved brings peace of mind, which is often worth twice as much.


Lisa Bernstein: As a long-time apartment dweller and seasoned condominium trustee, I have dealt with numerous landlord-tenant, property management, and day-to-day apartment complex issues. My extensive, direct experience has led to invaluable insights into apartment life from both the tenant and management perspectives.

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