The Benefits of a Furnished Apartment

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A furnished apartment, while not always ideal, may sometimes be your best bet. There are times when buying new furniture is impractical or you won’t keep the furniture long enough to justify buying it. Consider all of your circumstances before deciding whether a furnished or unfurnished apartment better suits your needs.

When Is a Furnished Apartment a Good Idea?

At certain times in your life, you may find yourself in a situation where you need a place to live short-term. This could include times when you move to another state for educational or employment opportunities. Or, when you lose your apartment due to an emergency or rent increase. Or even when you take a vacation where you prefer to have cooking facilities and the conveniences of a home, rather than staying in a hotel. Whatever the reason, furnished apartments are usually a good alternative when you need a new home but don’t have the time to decorate or buy household items.

Weighing Your Options

When renting a furnished apartment ensure that most, if not everything you need is available for daily living. If your stay is longer than a month, but less than a year, a furnished apartment may be your best bet. To decide whether you’d be better off in a hotel, a furnished or an unfurnished apartment, consider what you need provided versus what you’re willing to obtain yourself.

Consider the length of your stay; how much time you have to come up with decorating ideas; and how much money you have to spend on rent and furnishings. As a general rule, the longer your stay, the less time you have to buy furniture, and the smaller your budget, the better a furnished apartment will suit you.

Determining Your Needs

Once you’ve decided on a furnished apartment, establish which things you need included by asking yourself a few questions. Do you need a TV, Internet access, linens, dishes and cooking utensils provided for you? How many of these things are you willing to buy yourself? How much time do you have for decorating and shopping? Make a list of the items you need included before searching for furnished apartments.

Finding Furnished Apartments

An easy way to find furnished apartments is to locate companies who cater to executives. Many of them offer furnished apartments for executives who are traveling on business. These apartments often come with more household appliances and services (such high-speed Internet access or cable TV) than privately owned furnished apartments. If you’re moving for employment reasons, or need a ready-made home, this may be a good option for you.

Another approach is to search through rental listings for privately owned furnished apartments. These vary more in terms of what’s included in the apartment. Some only have the basics, such as a bed with a nightstand, a dining table with chairs and living room furniture. In short, whenever you require short-term living arrangements, a furnished apartment is a good way to save time and avoid the trouble of setting up a home.


Lisa Bernstein: As a long-time apartment dweller and seasoned condominium trustee, I have dealt with numerous landlord-tenant, property management, and day-to-day apartment complex issues. My extensive, direct experience has led to invaluable insights into apartment life from both the tenant and management perspectives.

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  1. December 27, 2016 at 2:23 pm, Dennis Sanchez said:

    Thanks for the great information. You mentioned that getting your own TV, and other furniture can be quite time consuming and you consider if you have enough time to get them while moving into a new apartment. My sister is a very busy person and has been looking for a new place to live. I think a furnished apartment would fit her perfectly, as it would make the transition quick and easy, so that she can quickly get back to her usual life.


  2. July 08, 2019 at 7:16 am, Thomas Jameson said:

    It's good to know that a furnished apartment is a good idea if you have to relocate for educational or employment purposes. My daughter is moving a few states away for college, but she doesn't want to live in the dorms. I'll pass this information along to her so that she doesn't have to worry about finding furniture for the apartment she chooses.


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