The Basics of Telecommuting from Your Apartment

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When it comes to ideal jobs, telecommuting in one’s pajamas from home is at the top of the list for many people. Luckily, with the popularity and availability of the Internet, there are a many jobs that can be done from the comfort of home. However, there are several things that you want to consider before committing to such a position. You’ll need the following things in order to progress in your work and be productive at home. Here are the basics of telecommuting from your apartment.


Get a planner. Set your schedule in it on a weekly basis. That’s an important initial investment when it comes to telecommuting. Possibly one of the most challenging parts of telecommuting is setting and keeping your own schedule. If you have a family, interruptions may be the norm, especially if you are simultaneously watching the kids or if your family doesn’t understand that what you are doing is every bit as much work than you’d do sitting in an office space. In fact, more companies are outsources to telecommuters, because they can then pay based on productivity.

Although one of the initial perks of freelancing is flexibility of schedule, make changing your schedule the exception to the rule. Yes, you can work at night instead of the day if there’s a special event, but you should not skip a regular schedule just because you can. You’re more likely to make a steady amount of money if you keep a schedule. Keep in mind that, in order to be able to be successful at telecommuting, you have to be self-disciplined. There are going to be lots of days when it seems more tempting to blow off work. You are able to do so without calling in sick for most telecommuting jobs, so it’s easier to ditch work. If you set aside one day per week for a more open schedule, it’s often easier to focus during the rest of the week when telecommuting.

Office Space

Set up your workspace. When you’re telecommuting, it’s important to eke out a workspace for yourself, even if it’s a desk in the family room. Have a space that’s solely yours for work, and decorate it in a way that soothes and motivates you. Let others know that, when you are in your office space, you should be interrupted only for very important reasons. Go over possible important reasons. A score in a hockey game or a sibling quarrel aren’t necessarily emergencies. That should be communicated kindly. Explain that your work is as crucial as any other type of work; show a spouse your pay stubs as reminders. Telecommuting is serious business.

Laptop and Internet Access

In order to do most telecommuting jobs, you’re going to need to be available for easy communication with your clients or main place of employment. It’s ideal to get a laptop computer that you can dedicate primarily to your job, so that you can put special files on it for your work. A laptop is ideal, so that you can do work on the go for your clients as well. If your Internet is ever out at home, you can always work from places like Panera or a coffee shop. In many places, even fast food restaurants now offer complimentary Internet access.

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