The 4 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

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You can adapt many of the popular interior designs for use in your apartment. If you’re looking for ideas for room designs, or a few home decorating tips, consider choosing one of these as your primary interior style:

1. Tuscan

This “old world” style incorporates natural elements and warm colors that is reminiscent of an Italian countryside. This design is ideal if you want to feel like you’ve entered another world in your apartment. If you’re allowed to paint your apartment, use olive green, yellow tones and wine hues. Complementary accessories for a Tuscan interior design are:

  • Pottery
  • Scrolled iron headboards and chairs
  • Real or fake grapes and golden pears in fruit bowls
  • Dark, rustic furniture

You can also display ceramic art throughout the house for the finishing touches of Tuscan design.

2. Tropical

Maybe you don’t want to retreat to an “old world”, but instead you’d like to feel like you’re on vacation. A tropical interior design is just the ticket, and especially works well in condo interior designs. Pick you favorite tropical destination and incorporate what you like most about it in your decorating, such as the ocean view or sand. Use sandy beige or other soft brown tones for paint on the walls. Add touches of blue hues here and there to remind you of the ocean, or green if you enjoy the foliage of the tropics. Complementary accessories for a tropical interior design are:

  • Orange and yellow couch and bed pillows
  • Wicker furniture
  • Large flat bowls
  • Palm plants

You can use bamboo or other wooden blinds on windows to enhance the tropical theme throughout your apartment.

3. Country

A more traditional look is a country style design. The theme for the country design is peace and comfort. Everything down to the furniture should evoke a warm and cozy feeling. Red, beige and white are common color schemes to use. If you grew up on a ranch or farm, use colors that remind you of home. If you haven’t lived in a rural area, think of the landscape of the countryside and mimic those colors. Complementary accessories for a country interior design are:

  • A rocking chair
  • Glass and tin jars
  • Patchwork quilts
  • Wooden furniture

Floral patterns on draperies or upholstery will help to accentuate the country style you’re aiming for.

4. A Chinese Style Theme

This interior design emulates the tones and colors prevalent in Chinese cultures. The colors are striking and rich, such as emerald, gold and black. This is the perfect design if you’re strict about order in your apartment, or if you want a minimalist design. Complementary accessories for an Asian interior design are:

  • Blue and white porcelain jars
  • Parchment accessories, such as lamp shades
  • Gold table mats
  • Red vases

Roll-up blinds will work well for the windows to give the rooms an Asian-style look and feel.

Using interior designs are important to transform your apartment into a place you can be proud of. You have to look at every day, so why not create an atmosphere that you’ll enjoy living in?

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