Studio Living: Vertical Storage Solutions

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Studio living requires creative, space-saving strategies to effectively store all your belongings. Most studios can’t afford the room to house bulky, long furniture pieces, so instead select tall, narrow vertical storage solutions to squeeze into tight spaces and stack everything from pantry items to dishes to clothing and books. Look for flexible, slender individual pieces that work in the small nooks typical to a studio. Think high, slim and removable when it comes to your studio’s storage strategy, to minimize clutter and maximize space in the area.

Look to Floating Shelves

Affix floating shelves high on your walls, so you’re not unnecessarily taking up floor space. Tack a long, horizontal shelf high in your studio’s living area, to mimic the storage and display functions of a mantle piece. Hang a rectangular, boxy floating shelf next to your bed to serve as a makeshift nightstand and hold your alarm clock. Take the same strategy next to your desk, to store a few books or essential office supplies that you don’t have room for elsewhere.

Hang Racks and Hooks at Your Convenience

Attach individual hooks to walls in every corner of the apartment to make up for missing drawer and shelf space. Stick hooks above the kitchen sink and stove to hang utensils and towels in a tight kitchen. In the bedroom corner of the studio dangle jewelry, scarves or ties from thicker hooks. Keep a rack of hooks in the bathroom for towels when you’re lacking a linen closet. Hang a rack over doors to hang outerwear from, as a makeshift coat closet.

Stack Decorative Boxes on Top of Each Other

Look to off-price or accessory stores for patterned, vintage-style rectangular or hatboxes. Store paperwork, office items or photos in them. Slide them under your bed or desk, or stack them on top of each other to create a unique but flexible furniture pieces. Fit them into corners and nooks where you otherwise wouldn’t have room for large storage pieces.

Opt for Tall, Narrow Bookcases

Studio apartments require you to use every inch of space possible for efficient storage, and may not have the room for one long, wide bookshelf. Instead, look for narrow but tall shelves that you can slide in between other larger furniture pieces. Opt for shelves that are roughly a foot wide, and have five or six cubes stacked high in them. Use them in the bedroom corner of the studio to fold sweaters and pants neatly. Keep them in the living side of that apartment for their traditional usage; book, magazine and video storage. Use them to supplement limited pantry space in the kitchen by storing dry grocery items or plates and cups.

Use Tables with Drawers

Squeeze extra storage into your furniture by purchasing tables with drawers and shelves, rather than the hollow type. Stack floating and removable fabric or wooden drawers under coffee tables to house magazines, books, and even extra linens. Opt for a end table with drawers and shelves to sneak a few books in and even apparel in if you’re lacking storage space in your dresser or bookshelves.

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