Studio Apartments for Rent: 10 Features to Look For

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Finding suitable studio apartments for rent can be a harrowing task. Because they are often quite small, studio apartments often contain fewer appliances and amenities than larger apartments. When searching for a studio apartment, it is wise to keep an eye out for certain features.

1. Laundry Facilities

Having a washer and dryer in your apartment will make your life easier, which is why it is important to check for these appliances. Even a stacked washer/dryer combination will work better than needing to go to a community laundry facility or the cleaners on a regular basis. Because of this check to see whether the studio apartment has a washer and a dryer.

2. Built-In Shelves

As they are smaller in size, studio apartment dwellers need to stack upwards rather than outwards to make the most of the space. Built-in shelves will help your belongings fit without you needing to purchase more furniture or rent a storage unit. Books, clothes and dishes can all be stacked on built-in shelves.

3. Full Size Appliances

Often, the kitchens and bathrooms in a studio apartment will not contain full sized appliances. Make sure that the apartment has a full size dishwasher, microwave, oven and refrigerator. Keep in mind, though, that may be impossible to find anything other than a stacked washer and dryer.

4. Closet Space

When touring a studio apartment, check the available closet space. Because of the small size of the apartment, keeping the space neat and organized is a must. Having multiple or large closets will help you with this task.

5. A Usable Floor Plan

The floor plan of a studio apartment should be easily arranged to fit your furniture in a natural way. Floor plans that require extensive maneuvering or uncomfortable furniture arrangements are not ideal. Ask for a floor plan of the apartment to check whether you will be able to fit your furniture in a way that is both workable and makes sense.

6. Square Footage

While a studio apartment is small by definition, there is such a thing as too small. If the apartment’s square footage will not hold a majority of your furniture or prohibit you from having friends over, consider looking for something larger.

7. Price

The monthly rent for a studio apartment should be similar to the rents asked by other complexes. Search the neighborhood in which you are looking to check that the price for the studio apartments falls within the same range as ones of similar size.

8.  High Ceilings

Higher than average ceiling height can open up a studio apartment and make it appear bigger than it actually is. Additionally, tall ceilings will permit you to house more belongings without making the room appear cramped.

9. Large Windows

Similar to ceiling height, tall windows can brighten a studio apartment and make it appear larger. A unit with small or no windows will feel extremely cramped, dingy and uncomfortable. In a studio apartment, therefore, look for extremely tall or a lot of windows.

10. Amenities

Because your studio apartment will be so small, it is necessary for you to ensure you will have space to go to when you want to get out of the house. Inquire into the complex’s available amenities, including gyms, swimming pools and community areas.

3 Responses to “Studio Apartments for Rent: 10 Features to Look For”

  1. August 13, 2010 at 6:09 am, End of Tenancy Cleaning said:

    I like your article. It helped me a lot. 🙂


  2. September 08, 2010 at 8:31 am, Rhode Doyle said:

    I am looking for one apartment who has one bedroom one bathroom at Bedford Village rent starts in Descember 2010.


  3. October 30, 2010 at 10:07 am, Hank said:

    So basically… get a one bedroom? The two about built-in shelves and high ceilings were really the only useful parts, and the only things that might really exist in one studio but not in another. Otherwise, the kitchens will always have smaller appliances, most will not include a dishwasher or microwave, closets will be few and small, and maybe 1% of studios will have a washer/dryer–which I would not even want in a studio, I’d rather have that space for an extra closet.

    The key to comfortably enjoying a studio is to focus on multi-functional furniture, get rid of anything that is not absolutely necessary or serves only one purpose, and live spartanly. Use the money you save on rent to spend a lot of time out doing stuff and enjoying yourself.


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