Studio Apartment Space Saving: Hideaway Beds

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Are you interested in saving apartment space with hideaway beds?

For many apartment renters, space is a valuable commodity, especially for lots of those living in some of the world’s biggest and busiest cities. It’s gotten so bad that more than a few singles or even couples are renting studio spaces, a nice way to refer to a housing unit with a less than standard number of rooms. Just so long as there’s a curtain around the bathroom.

So what about furnishing a place like this? You can’t take all of the furniture that you had in a regular apartment and put it into a studio. There wouldn’t be nearly enough space. Studio living takes some ingenuity. One way to save precious space is with furniture that stores itself—furniture that is essentially made for small spaces.

What Are Hideaway Beds?

Hideaway beds are unique sleeping accommodations that fit the needs of a small studio apartment. They generally fold up into the wall during the day. A futon serves a similar purpose, folding up into a chair or couch, but the hideaway bed is even more space-efficient. Using hideaway beds can get you a little more walking room in your cramped studio.

Issues With Hideaway Beds

When you go looking for space-saving hideaway wall bed, you will want to buy for quality. There may be an existing bed in the apartment, but if it’s of the commonly retro variety, it may be ready to fall apart at receiving an actual human body. The old thin-aluminum railed, carpet-decked hideaway beds of the 1970s have mostly seen better days, and most apartment dwellers will want to upgrade to something with forged parts and secure, modern design.

Another big issue is the way that your hideaway bed latches. There’s nothing worse than tiptoeing around, worried that your bed will spring out from the wall and try to squash you. This doesn’t just happen in cartoons; poorly fastened hideaway beds are the bane of the young professional’s home life. Just make sure you have a good setup that will keep your bed securely out of your hair when you’re not in it.

Hideaway Beds and Daytime Organization

You’ll also need a place to stow your pillow and any other sleeping accessories during the day. Lots of hideaway beds can be walled up with their bedding on, but if you have one of the fluffier duvets or comforters, that might need to be squirreled away as well. Having a designated “sleep nook” will help keep your apartment tidy-looking during the day. Good space saving and clutter-busting ideas can help make your tiny home into a neat, presentable space.

If you are not set up with a bed in your studio, don’t be afraid to try a hideaway bed. They may seem strange at first, but after a while, you’ll think of your wall-storage bed just as you would a regular one. It’s a place to sleep at night. And while you’re up and about, having your bed neatly stored away gives you more moving-around room and less of a temptation to hang it all up and go in for a nap.

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