Studio Apartment Furniture: 4 Items You Can Do Without

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Living in a small studio apartment space can be tough, but if you feel like you’re running out of room in an efficiency or studio, don’t despair: there are some ways to free up space by limiting the amount of big studio apartment furniture you include in your living area. Here are some handy tips for cutting down on the size of your furnishings and getting more open space in a tiny apartment unit.

Studio Furniture You Can Do Without

Here are some of the items that some studio dwellers leave behind when moving into a compact space in the big city.

1. Framed Bed

A bed on a frame can eat up a lot of space if your sleeping area is also part of your greater living room. It’s true that storage beds can help with the overall quest for closet space, but otherwise a mattress on a frame is just taking up a lot of lateral room that you could be using for lots of other things.

If your apartment is on the smaller side, a futon or hideaway bed may be a better option. Some studio dwellers like to be able to stow away their bed during the day to get the most out of a limited area.

2. Sofa and Loveseat

Again, the bulky horizontal build of most sofas mean they are huge space-eaters, not to mention the hugely difficult task of lugging big wooden framed sofas up stairs and into apartments. The futon can also double as your seating for guests, and a smaller IKEA-style multi-seater can fill in for a conventional sofa, relieving your back on moving day and helping you to get the most out of a postage stamp sized living room.

3. Full Kitchen Range and Refrigerator

If your studio came with a stove and oven combination or oversized refrigerator, there’s not a lot you can do about that. However, some spaces come minimally furnished, allowing creative tenants to use their ingenuity to come up with ways to cook and eat that don’t include huge space hogging appliances. A mini fridge is a good option for a single tenant who doesn’t need to stock up for the winter.

As for the range, you can get small camping type stoves or similar designs that combine safety with portability. Just be careful about choosing appliances that won’t create a fire hazard.

4. Dresser

When it comes to outfitting their bedrooms, lots of studio dwellers have gotten the memo that relying on a full sized dresser may not be the best option. You have an advantage when it comes to clothes, in that they are not inherently fragile. That means a lighter, more portable storage cube can be a fine substitute for a big wooden dresser. Think about how to limit the amount of space that gets taken up by your personal wardrobe.

Using a combination of the above tips, those who are living in smaller spaces can really maximize what their studio apartments offer them.

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