Stress-Free Moving: 4 Items You Shouldn’t Pack when Moving

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Transitioning from one apartment to the next is both an expensive and exhausting task, so there are certain items you should leave behind to achieve stress free moving. Starting over in a new apartment requires you to purchase a ton of basics just to get started, from cleaning supplies and condiments to toiletries and trash cans, and you might be inclined to hold onto whatever you can to save money.

Certain items are just not worth the weight or mess of transporting them from old residence to new, so read below on some items that should never make it into your moving van. When deciding what to pitch versus what to transport, weigh the effort and stress of physically moving items against what it will cost to replace them. Chances are you’ll be throwing out a lot more than you would have originally expected.

1. Canned and Jarred Food Items

When aggregated, these items could make up some of the heaviest belongs to transport, making them an automatic non-no for a move. Moving vehicles can easily face a bumpy ride, creating a strong possibility that the glass jars will break, their contents spilling everywhere. It’s far more worth it to pay for an extra trip to the grocery store rather than deal with the messy spills or heavy lifting in transporting these items. If you’re worried about waste, donate unopened foods to a soup kitchen to soothe your conscience.

2. Certain Bathroom Textiles

This means tossing bathroom rugs and hand towels that you’ve probably had for a while. These items are often forgotten about come laundry time and have most likely absorbed a good chunk of germs. The thick, rubbery rugs can add unnecessary bulk and transfer bacteria to other belongings during the move. Do yourself a favor and buy a fresh set when you move into a new place.

3. Old Clothing

Moving should also be a time to dispose of items you’ve been unnecessarily hording, so look at the transition between apartments as a time to part with things you don’t need anymore. Go through your closet to take a realistic inventory of what you’re wearing regularly and which items haven’t seen the light of day in months. If you find yourself saying you probably will wear something, chances are you definitely won’t, so just put in a pile to give away. Bag up all the clothes that don’t pass the test and donate them to a charity or a friend. There’s no use in transporting clothes you don’t wear from your old apartment only for them to sit in a bag or pile, unworn, in the new.

4. Trash Cans

For sanitary reasons alone, do you really want this anywhere near your clothes, pillows, or furniture? Chances are it will be when all your belongings are crammed into a moving van or truck. Your typical Trash cans typically acquire their fair share of bacteria and germs throughout your tenure in an apartment, and are often ignored  when it comes time for you to clean and disinfect your kitchen or bathroom surfaces. Trash cans are cheap and easily replaceable, so pitching them should be a breeze.

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