Storage Hacks for Small Apartments

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Although the idea of squeezing out every last bit of storage space from a limited apartment may sound daunting, in reality, it is an opportunity to become more organized and resourceful than ever before. By utilizing neglected empty space, turning your storage into design focal points, and finding multiple uses for a single item, your shoebox sized space will contain hardly a trace of that strategically stored junk. Grab your pens and sticky labels; every small space has potential for greatness—you just have to know the right way to organize it.

Make Your Storage a Statement

Who says that organization has to be confined to plastic boxes? Vintage-style wire bins are the perfect container to stuff full of loose paper goods that would normally turn into tabletop clutter, or even for household odds and ends. Use just one or choose a few in different colors to brighten up your shelves and dull room corners. Give some old wooden milk crates new life by stacking them for a customizable side table and using the open space as storage underneath. And who doesn’t need a place for those stray remote controls? Use a beautiful tray or eye-catching bowl as a catchall around the house, and even consider hanging up hats and scarves with design in mind to save space and extra money for wall art.

Use Multipurpose Items

The folks at Modernize are always looking to make practical and sustainable decisions in the home. Items that can be used for many different purposes are the best way to avoid being stuck with a permanent fixture that you don’t need. Life changes, so it only makes sense that your space should change with it. Bins that break down easily can be stored out of sight when they are empty, and glass candy or mason jars are classic, simple, and transformable accent pieces that house a multitude of items—both in and out of the kitchen. Of course, choosing furniture that has extra storage space is also helpful. Whether it is a bed with built-in drawers, or a bench with enough space to slide a few boxes underneath, you will get the most out of your pieces by maximizing what space they already have.

Utilize Wall Space

When you’ve used up all your floor space for storage, things can only go up from there…literally. Hang up your pots, pans, and cooking utensils in the kitchen; use a fruit basket or spice racks in the bathroom as a way to keep track of toiletries; and if there’s room, attach some hooks to the walls of your closet to make more space. Another neat trick for utilizing wall space is to hang up a pendant lamp, sconces, or even a tall floor lamp to keep your tabletops free.


Create a Storage Strategy

As hard as we try, things just don’t ever remain as neat and clean as we would like them to be. Consider your daily rituals and routines, your schedule, pace of life, and then store your things strategically. Making the most of a small space requires a bit more forethought and, sometimes, some elbow grease to make it all work. Take the time to map out some spaces that will best serve you in your never-ending pursuit of cleanliness. If you live somewhere with four seasons, then designate a space for off-season clothing like winter boots and jackets so that your closet stays clear and relevant. Keep a bin for things you use often within reach but don’t need out, like art supplies for kids, or magazines, chargers, and books to pull out from under your bed or desk. Also, try to leave some empty space for yourself when things start to pile up in between spring cleanings. This means resisting the temptation to stuff every last box and bin in your place and instead saving it for a rainy and messier day. This will give you easy access to things you use regularly and hopefully a way to avoid losing or misplacing them.


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