Stay Cool and Save Money Without Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning can make an unbearably hot day much more comfortable, but getting the hefty electricity bill at the end of the month can make you wish you had toughed it out and gone without manufactured cold air. As part of your plan to start saving money, learn a few tips to help keep yourself and keep your apartment cool even without the a/c.

Fans Are Your Best Friend

Even though fans use electricity too, they don’t use anywhere near as much as air conditioning. Fans don’t produce air as cold as the air conditioning does, but they keep the air in an apartment circulating and produce breezes that cool your skin by evaporating your sweat faster. There are a number of inexpensive fans that cover large areas. You should search for oscillating fans to get more air circulation in a room. If you’re short on space, vertical/tower fans are very effective at producing a cool breeze and are more sturdier than the usual top-heavy fan.

Cover Windows

Saving money by covering your windows with light-colored drapes or blinds means you won’t even feel you need the air conditioning as often. One of the biggest culprits for the rising temperature in your apartment is sunlight, so attractive as it may seem to let the sun into your home, try to block the light from entering your apartment on very warm days, particularly during the middle of the day, when the sun is at its hottest.

If you still want some natural light, use removable window tinting film, which acts like sunglasses for windows (although not always with UV protection), allowing light in through a darkening filter.

Dress Lightly

While indoors when it’s hot out, wear breathable fabrics that don’t cover a lot of skin. Even if you wouldn’t be caught wearing shorts and a tank top in public, don’t allow yourself to get embarrassed by what you wear at home. (Don’t forget, though, that when you head out into the sun, you should cover up more of yourself and wear sunscreen lotion to protect yourself from sun damage).

Take Lukewarm Showers or Baths

If you can’t keep your apartment cool entirely without air conditioning, you can keep yourself cool. When you start to sweat and sitting in your hot apartment becomes too much, fill your bathtub with lukewarm water (not too cold or you’ll be uncomfortable), read a book and relax. Even a short lukewarm water shower can bring your body temperature down and keep your body cool for a while even after you’ve stepped out.

Keep Hydrated

One reason why people overheat is that they fail to keep themselves hydrated. If you already feel thirsty, you’re not drinking frequently enough. Rather than having a glass of liquid whenever you’re thirsty, keep an insulated steel mug filled with ice cubes and a cold, relaxing drink like water, iced tea or lemonade in easy reach and make sure to sip from it every few minutes.

Air conditioning is not a necessity, no matter how hot it seems in your apartment. Keep your apartment cool with any number of these alternative methods and you’ll be saving money and keeping cool at the same time.


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