Spring Cleaning: Organizing the Junk Drawer

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Every year, spring cleaning should consist of perusing the junk drawer, reorganizing it and throwing away what is unneeded and unnecessary. Most people have a junk drawer in their apartment that inevitably fills up with everything from pens and pencils to coupons and ticket stubs.

The junk drawer is one of the greatest places in an apartment for hiding things that don’t traditionally belong in any other place, or things that an owner isn’t even sure they want to keep. But cleaning out the junk drawer during spring cleaning is important to making sure that it doesn’t fill to a level where absolutely nothing can be found in it.

Do an Inventory of Junk

When spring cleaning time comes up on the calendar, it is always best to dump the junk drawer out and do an inventory of everything in it. Most of the time, this procedure will unveil a lot of items that got lost in the tumble and bring forward things that a person didn’t even remember having. This is good because it can help to nail down what should really be kept and what should be tossed.

When doing an inventory check of the junk drawer, be sure to make a note of what types of items there are duplicates of; such as pens and pencils and how many of the item the apartment actually needs. In addition to this, compare the inventory list to what else in the apartment and determine if the item is needed or if it truly is junk.

Return Items to Their Rightful Place

After an inventory of the junk drawer has been done, the next best thing to do is eliminate junk and clutter by returning the items in the junk drawer to their rightful homes. Items like pens and pencils belong in the desk drawer; while items like nail polish, tweezers and nail clippers belong in the bathroom. Returning items to where they belong in the apartment is a great way to reduce the clutter and disorganization of the junk drawer. Once all items that belong elsewhere have been returned, the true contents of the junk drawer can be realized and organization of the junk drawer can begin.

Organize the Junk Drawer

Now that the junk drawer only contains items that truly belong in the junk drawer, and are items actually worth keeping, it is time to put some organization to it. Organizing the junk drawer is a great way to keep the junk drawer from actually looking like its name and will make the items in it more readily found for usage.

Try investing in some drawer organizers, like silverware organizing tools, for the junk drawer. This will make it easier to find something in the junk drawer when it is needed and will provide good organizational compartments for each item. Nothing is more frustrating than searching through a pile of junk in a drawer and still not finding what you are looking for. This is where drawer organizing tools can be of great help.

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